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Synthia Andrews is a naturopathic doctor with a foundation in massage therapy and energy work specializing in the underlying emotional and spiritual components of health and healing. Her knowledge of subtle energy and the use of energy awareness for health, personal development and daily living can be found in her books The Path of Energy and The Path of Emotions.

Synthia teaches classes and workshops in energy awareness and has been on faculty at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and the Kripalu Yoga Institute. For the past 20 years she has joined her husband, research-author Colin Andrews, in the study of consciousness and spirituality. She is co-author of three additional books and currently maintains a private clinic in Guilford, CT.

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Energize Your Life With Self Awareness

You are not diminished by your pain. Your spirituality is not measured by the presence or absence of difficulty in your life. Challenge is not a punishment or a reward. It is not a reflection of your value to the world; it is a reflection of your choice to grow and learn and make mistakes. Although your thoughts and attitudes attract and create your life, you are not your thoughts. "Your thoughts control your experience of reality. But your thoughts cannot affect, or change, or control, or even touch who you are."~ Paul Williams, Remember Your Essence Remembering your essence will…

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