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Tammy Mastroberte is the founder, publisher and editorial director of Elevated Existence Magazine, a multi-awardwinning, new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication. As an awardwinning writer, she has more than 15 years of publishing experience, and a Bachelor's Degree in English Writing. She started Elevated Existence in 2008, eight years after the sudden death of her mother, to share her passion for spiritual and self-improvement teachings with the world. Mastroberte also shares advice directly with readers through her Editor’s Advice monthly online column and in the magazine’s FREE monthly e-newsletter, as well as the newly launched YouTube channel.

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Today’s Brilliance from Tammy Mastroberte

Life is much more than a string of seemingly disconnected, chaotic events devoid of meaning and direction. There is a cosmic intelligence - be it God, Spirit, the universe or simply love - that connects us all, and when we tap into this brilliance available to us, a whole new world can emerge before our eyes. Each one of us is a beaming soul encased in a human body - here to learn, grow, evolve and help one another - and when the body dies, this part of us lives on. I believe we come to this physical world knowing…

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