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My name is Tara Correll. I am an intuitive empowerment coach, healer and activist. Like many of you, my life's journey has taken plenty of round-a-bout routes, loaded with twists and turns. All seemingly accidental but deliberate for certain: as we're aware, there's no such thing as accidents.

My prior work experience in the business world was something I mastered, it was part of my growth: working with and for fortune 500 companies: selling, training, marketing and the like.

My life has come full circle, I've finally and authentically returned to the source of who I am and the person I was meant to be. I've created a unique entrepreneurial business model that is multi-tiered and multi-layered; one branch that allows me to make a living through my passion and skill set for Empowerment (Life) Coaching. The other: social activism and advocating for the underrepresented in the public, private and non-profit sector; including people of color, low income families, our criminal justice system and the urgent need for equality and funding in public education.

My work as a energy healer has been profound.  I simply love working with and watching people shine, both in life and career!

I hope I'm able to inspire you and will continue to look to you for inspiration. 

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Returning to Source: Destiny, Faith and Knowing

Know that our destiny is already predetermined. Call it your inherent blue print or your life's map, this was decided long before we ever journeyed here to earth. There is a plan for each and every one of us that it's our destiny and obligation to fulfill. The universal divine wants us to succeed. It's entirely up to us as to how that will look. Your inner voice is your spiritual guide reminding you, constantly, to stay the course. It speaks truth. Are you listening? When we're young our mind and heart are open to "possibility". We naturally gravitate toward…

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