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"TinierTim” Bauer works in marketing as a professional storyteller who also teaches others to tell their stories. He is a father of two beautiful girls, aged 9 and 6. He lost his first 200 pounds in just 374 days and his greatest accomplishments include running his first triathlon 18 months to the day from starting his journey, having his weight loss described by his then 6 year old daughter as a “metamorphosis” (he’s a butterfly now) and the fact that his daughters are now able to sit in his lap without his belly getting in the way and wrap their arms completely around him. He blogs at and can be found anywhere people are being Social @TinierTim including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Losing Weight and Gaining Faith

I believe in miracles. I used to think that miracles look like angels coming down from on high in flashes of glory and light and maybe that's still true, but those are neither the kinds I've witnessed nor the kinds that changed my life. The miracles I see every single day are the ones that are the result of small actions moved upon with the same kind of faith that helped the builders of the pyramids: by stacking small blocks on top of small blocks many times over, we can create something that would be considered a wonder of the…

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