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Vicki Savini is a teacher who educates, enlightens, and empowers children and adults to be their absolute best. Having worked with children since she was a teen herself, Vicki has a gift for seeing the world through the eyes of a child. She inspires them to speak their truth, while also helping adults understand the importance of childhood. As a schoolteacher, she taught mindful principles in her classroom long before it was considered acceptable.

In addition to her experience in the fields of education and psychology, she’s trained in the healing arts and overall wellness. She is a licensed Science of Mind practitioner, Reiki energy worker, and talented life coach.

Vicki is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who recently presented a live event through Hay House titled, Ignite the Light: Creating Strong Foundations for Children & Adults. She assists people of all ages through individual consultations and group workshops by using her real-world experiences and eclectic background to help them believe in themselves and live their truth.

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Set The Stage For Your Child’s Life

I've learned that childhood is simply too precious to ignore. Have you ever stopped to think about how your childhood affects you? Childhood is the ground level in this life. It is our foundation. We simply cannot say, 'What happens in childhood stays in childhood,' because the truth of the matter is, it doesn't stay anywhere. Our childhood is our base for this life that we lead, and without a strong foundation, we struggle to navigate the waters of life. The good news is... it's never too late to create a strong foundation for your children or yourself. Within the first five…

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What Matters Most is How You See Yourself

By Vicki Savini. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Better yet, what do you feel? You may think a mirror is just for brushing your teeth, styling your hair, or examining your overall appearance, but the mirror can actually be a very powerful tool. I am the youngest child in my family. I grew up with two loving parents and three older sisters, so I certainly wasn’t starved for attention. I was a dancer, a singer, an artist, and even a writer. I had hard working parents who taught us to be kind, generous, and always…

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