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Victoria is an executive coach with over 35 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Her expertise is coaching senior executives and entrepreneurs who are straightforward, goal oriented and possess a sense of humor. She specializes in leadership and communication – the key to all the world’s biggest issues!

She is a multi- media personality as radio host for Smart Woman Talk on the CTR radio network; a columnist for Choice Magazine and a popular guest on ABC affiliate AM Northwest TV. Victoria is a sought-after speaker worldwide for her knowledge, wisdom and transformative talks.

In November 2011 she authored her first book, Dead Rita’s Wisdom – simple words to help you live an extraordinary life published by Wisdom Beneath My Wings Publishing. This book is about the wisdom Victoria received from her dearly beloved mother, Rita. Short, humorous yet profound chapters leave the reader in a thoughtful place to interpret the wisdom they have just read and think about their own wisdom. While this book isn’t about women or mothers, it is about the people in our lives who support us and sustain us. Victoria’s goal is that each reader comes to know the wisdom they have within that will help them reach their greatest dreams. She is leading and forming wisdom circles where the wisdom of one can benefit the beliefs of many.

Victoria is the co-founder and president of Itafari Foundation, a nonprofit organization assisting the survivors of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Itafari has raised over $700K since 2005 and works specifically in the areas of microfinance, education, child sponsorship, raising goats, and importing the world-class baskets and jewelry from Rwanda. In 2006 she had the honor of speaking at the United Nations in New York City.

Victoria lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, John, and two cats, Mossimo and Vito. Their four grown children and eight grandchildren are never too far from their home and always in their hearts.

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Remembering What You’ve Learned

Do not wait to be extraordinary before you accomplish the extraordinary. The greatest lessons and wisdom that we receive in our lives can often come from those who did not know we were watching and listening. An elderly woman born in the late 1890s who was blind and in her 90s when I met her, told me that she understood what I was going through in my marriage because she had gone through the same 70 years prior... My mother, who shared her wisdom with me until the day she died, never knew that her wisdom would live on long…

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