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Vishen Lakhiani is the co-founder of the quirky, award winning-company MindValley, which comprises of 50 incredibly smart young people from some 20 different countries. Their mission is to bring together marketing and technology to help spread enlightened ideas. Vishen and his crew at MindValley work with authors, thinkers, revolutionaries and leaders who have pioneered new ways of doing traditional things: parenting, entrepreneurship, spiritual growth, self-development and more.

The result is a new kind of publishing company; one that merges software, mixed media, video, and social networks to put authors in the personal development movement in front of the internet generation while bypassing traditional media like printed books.

Something special happens when you interact with so many thought leaders, philosophers and business and personal development coaches. Their ideas tend to seep into your business and MindValley over the last few years has become a testing-ground of sorts for new and experimental ways of entrepreneurship and business. What happens when employees share in profits? Or vote for their own salary? What if company meetings are banned and replaced with company celebrations? Or when employees practice meditation, visualization and expressing daily gratitude as part of their everyday work life?

The results have been a runaway success. MindValley has won two consecutive World's Most Democratic Workplace Awards and is considered one of the top places in the world to work. It attracts people from some 21 countries and employees are put through a growth and learning process that is being duplicated by companies worldwide. MindValley itself has seen revenue growth of 500% in the last year.

Vishen is a highly sought after speaker and consultant in the art of attracting top talent, growing employees and creating a healthy work culture. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and many other top speakers and authors.

As a highly successful online entrepreneur, there is some method to his madness, making him one of the most sought after speakers in the world of internet business building. He's spoken at events with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, President F.W DeKlerk and other luminaries.

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