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Walter G. Meyer has freelanced for numerous newspapers and magazines, including telling his own coming out story in the Los Angeles Times, and has written about bullying and tolerance for the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and numerous websites.

His novel, Rounding Third, powerfully addresses the timely topic of teens being bullied until one of them can’t take it any longer and attempts suicide. Meyer has received numerous requests to speak about the topic across the country from Arizona State University to the State University of New York. He has spoken at high schools, community centers, libraries and bookstores across the country and been on NPR.

He has coordinated an anti-bullying program with members of the San Diego school board and city council. He has led discussions of bullying following presentations of movies, documentaries, stage plays, and interpretive dance about bullying and chaired a panel at Gam3rCon about bullying in video games. He is also the author of two nonfiction books and the play he co-wrote, GAM3RS, has been performed across the U.S., from MIT to UCSD with theatrical runs in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego and is currently being turned into a web series.

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Acceptance and Respect – The Keys to Life

It took me a long time to realize that to accept and respect — yourself and others — is the key to a happy life. In going around the country speaking about bullying, it dawned on me that the answer to bullying and many of society’s other ills really come down those two simple things. Having been bullied myself, I didn’t have enough self-respect to counter the taunts of the bullies at my school by walking away feeling good about myself in spite of their insults. And I didn’t accept myself to be okay enough with who I was to…

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