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William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach, and the author of three books, including Beyond Blaming: Unleashing Power and Passion in People and Organizations.

Bill speaks in organizations, conferences, and churches about leadership, adult to adult relationships, moving beyond blaming, and spiritual and emotional growth. He coaches people at all levels in organizations to help them be more successful. He offers a free e-newsletter entitled Transformation Times.

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Cultivate Your Inner Adult

Grow up. It sounds a little abrupt, I know, but not many of us manage to become real adults. There are so few role models in public life! The good news is that there is an inner adult in you. Forget about bringing out your inner child. The world is already full of childish antics and behaviors. Cultivate the inner adult in you. It begins with being witness to yourself. Step outside of yourself and notice what you do, how you react, and the person you become in various situations. Witness your own thinking. What thoughts do you hold that…

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