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Upon discovering the natural evil of humanity as a child, Zach Comm's first response was to shape himself with a determination to strengthen himself against this evil, and to build his person up into the ideal version of himself. Since successfully and radically altering himself as a human being, his ambition, his fearlessness, and his God have led him to pursue life wholeheartedly.

As a young explorer at 23, he has engaged in public-speaking on children's cartoons, authored five video publications on video games, physically assisted in the construction of an orphanage in the jungles of Central America, and he's just getting started on this beautiful earth.

Zach currently runs video game-focused content site and its associated Youtube channel. In his perception, video games are the medium through which humanity will most advance and improve itself while containing the emotional and intellectual value of music and literature. He has proudly fought in PC game Team Fortress 2 on a competitive level, and plans to do the same for upcoming title Overwatch.

He also helps to revolutionize the affiliate marketing industry with INC 5000 marketing agency SmarterChaos and its sister network SheIsMedia as their CRM administrator and operations team member.

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You Hold the Power to Change

You underestimate your ability to modify the person you are. While humans are spiritual and complex creatures, they are also simple machines, and everything about us can be parsed down to a one or a zero. Your being is a collection of points of data that you are free to manipulate to a large degree, and if you are dissatisfied with yourself, it's likely that the power to change is entirely within your hands. Anything about your person which you lack, but which is demonstrably obtainable by human beings, is obtainable to you. Confidence? You can build it. Defy the voice that…

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