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The past two weeks I’ve really thought long and hard about my  blog. If you’ve been reading it for some time, you know that I used to write much more frequently. When I started writing for the Huffington Post last April, my own blog – this blog, suffered. That’s not meant to be an excuse; it’s just that my focus was divided.

The insight that I just had yesterday was that the two blogs are different, or at least they should be. I want this blog to be a reflection of who I am, what I’m thinking and how I interact with our community.

So, I’m out to try an experiment. I’m going to make an effort to blog about something each day for the next 30 days. Even if it’s short- even if it’s a photo or two… I want you to be a part of my world and for me to be a part of yours.

Send me your thoughts on this as I feel like we’re making up the rules as we go along. One of my blogging mentors, Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents, says to blog “as if you’re talking with your best friend after two glasses of wine”. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to go that far just yet, but let’s create this together and see where it goes.

For today, I want to share with you a photo that I took outside of my window this morning. It inspired me!


I spent the last two weeks in the British Virgin Islands, sailing, brainstorming and interviewing Sir Richard Branson. I arrived back home in Montana late last night. From 86F degrees to 25F degrees in a day- quite a shock, but with the holidays coming, it’s a welcome one.

I love to take photos, so I’ve also decided that I’m going to share them here with you rather than just post them on FaceBook or Flickr. I want to welcome you into my world.

This one was taken today outside my window in Montana. We’ve had a pair of golden eagles visit for the day. The male is a little bit larger and has a yellow beak and talons, while the female is a bit smaller and more muted in color.  Both are quite stunning. I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to share something in your world with me too. Also, please share with me, how can we be of the greatest service to you? What inspiration do you need to thrive? We want to be a source of information and inspiration for you- so please let us know how we can serve you better.

Much love and hugs,


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Gail Lynne Goodwin is the founder of, bringing the best inspiration to the world. provides free inspiration, each day from a new Inspirational Luminary, to a global community of folks from over 150 countries. Gail has interviewed many well-known names including Sir Richard Branson, Guy Laliberte, Seth Godin, Tony Hseih, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and hundreds more. According to Mashable, Gail was one of 2009's Top 25 Most Inspirational People on Twitter.

Prior to, Gail spent several years as manager for her recording artist daughter, Carly. As a result of the success of their co-penned song, "Baby Come Back Home", Gail accompanied her daughter to bases in the US and to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where Carly performed for our troops. Gail and Carly created the 'World's Longest Letter' of love and support and delivered the 18-mile long scroll on a month-long tour of Iraq and the Persian Gulf in 2006.

Gail is excited to present her latest course, Love in 21 Days, a step-by-step guide to finding love online. Love in 21 Days is founded on a logical process that has been tested - and proven! - by not only Gail, but also by students around the world who too have found love.

Gail is a published author and a regular writer for the Huffington Post. She offers mentoring and mastermind services to clients worldwide from her home in Whitefish, Montana. Follow Gail on Twitter or Google+.

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  1. I agree with you about trying to stay up with two blogs. It can be time consuming and at times kind of hard. I find that if I can get a couple of blog post done ahead of time I can at least relax when I want to write something for that particular day. I applaud you for wanting to try and blog everyday. I will be watching because you could be an inspiration to others including me. I am trying the every other day approach right now. I feel it is working a little better when I stay on track. Good luck.

    1. Thank you Andre. I’m not sure how easy/difficult this will be, but I’m going to make the effort. Thanks for reaching out to me. Hugs to you!

  2. Well cool. I’ve kinda missed your posts. I like your outlook on life. I subscribed to your blog a couple months before you moved to Montana.

    Good luck on your challenge. I’m not sure I could post a blog once a day. But the problem I have is that I want all of my posts to be well thought out and intelligent even though I’m not well thought out and intelligent all the time.

    1. Scott, I SO agree with your “want all of my posts to be well thought out” comment. That’s been the biggest stumbling block for me too. However, there’s something magical about stepping out and just doing it rather than waiting for perfection. Perhaps you’ve just given me the topic for today….

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  3. Your true beauty shines through everything you do, your blogs, interviews, and all that you are doing to help heal our Universe. I personally want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life, to share your moment to moment inspirations, to remind us to be aware to listen and be mindful of our own inspirations. Again thank you for serving us in such a loving way.

    1. Dear Melody,

      Thank you for your kind comment. There are days when we all need to know that what we’re doing is making a difference to someone else. Thank you for reaching out with such love. 🙂

  4. Gail,

    You probably already know this, but there’s no number of blog posts attached to the value you provide.

    I’ve had to make peace with the fact that I have reliable energy for only 1 blog photo / post *per week* right now. I was afraid it wouldn’t feel satisfying. I was afraid people would forget about me. But I’m getting notes from people saying they look forward to the “Friday Flower.” Satisfying? Oh my, yes. With energy to start creating programs, too.

    You’re such a powerhouse, 1 post here probably isn’t enough for you. But I invite you to find your own personal magic number. Have your cake and eat it, too!

    1. Mahala, thank you. I agree with you that there is no magic number. I want to challenge myself with one a day to see what happens for me. It makes me think in a deeper way each day- and I believe that’s a good thing. I have so many things I want to write about… so this should be easy. It’s just a matter of taking the time.

      I greatly appreciate your comments and the love behind them. Thank you.



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