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By Brittney Schering.

Life comes with a little secret: Every plan will not always unfold effortlessly. It is important to know that THIS IS OKAY. It is all a part of becoming who you dream of being, doing what you’re destined to do, and living that life that you’ve always wanted to.

This is a lesson that I have recently come to realize, and am currently in the midst of grasping. So, I started a new blog to document what I call my in-between experience: coming back to Michigan after living a glimpse of my dream, writing for the summer in New York City, right after receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University.

With a current plan to save up financially and figure out my next move, inspiration is key in staying sane throughout this whole process of in-between. While I am wholeheartedly hoping that my next [and final] move will be to California, I’ve accepted the fact that Florida might come first, just for the winter, to stay with my grandmother and continue to save money before settling in California. That is what life is, essentially- a collection of stepping stones to get to where you need to be, where you’d like to go.

As I document my in-between, my hope is that I will help make others’ similar journey much easier and less stressful. It will all work out if you believe that it will. It takes time, patience, planning, and a little bit of responsibility, but it’s nothing that should ever make one feel the need to fully “grow up,” because where’s the fun in that? I will be a child-at-heart forever; that is a fact.

To conquer this in-between stage, I’ve been keeping myself busy ever since the plane landed in Detroit on August 13. Writing for a music website, working for Detroit Live Magazine, and babysitting regularly for a few different families, my financial situation has prospered greatly in these past few weeks. I’m constantly keeping an eye out for jobs in my field, Professional Writing, and surrounding myself with positive, encouraging souls who want what’s best for me: to succeed and be happy.

I believe that surrounding yourself by people who truly and fully support you is key. I have struggled through the opposite side of this, and I can absolutely say that it makes a colossal difference. Being surrounded by negativity will take a toll on your outlook and life, inevitably. To prevent this, make a conscious decision to stick by those who keep your spirit high, and be sure to be a positive light for others, too.

The New York Times just released an article titled, “Generation Limbo: Waiting It Out,” which discusses my generation of current college graduates who are waiting for their degree-driven careers to begin. However, I believe that all who refuse to give up in the quest to obtain their dream job, despite the struggling economy, will succeed. We just need to believe that we can push past this challenging time.

Brittney Schering is a 22 year old recent college graduate. To learn more about Brittney, visit

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