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Snowy-BoulderIf you want to learn the greatest lessons in life, pay attention to Mother Earth. Nature has a way of showing us the things we need to learn, including the inevitability of change.

Springtime in the Rocky Mountains is the perfect example. Just yesterday we had the biggest blizzard of the year- more than two feet of pristine white powder blanketed our world. The day was dark, cloudy and overcast as we were buried with snow. Snow-Temps

Today, spring is back, the sun is blazing, the temperatures are soaring into the 50’s AND we still have tons of snow covering the ground!

Often in life we’ll get a snowy day when we’re literally buried with work, responsibilities and the heaviness of life. And no matter how bad it seems, the one thing we know to be true is that change will happen. It won’t always be the way it is today- good or bad. We live in constant motion energetically and shift happens continually.

The only thing constant is change. Always, with no exceptions.

It helps for me to remember that no matter what’s going on in my life, it always parallels Nature. Change is inevitable. The key is in being able to go with the flow and celebrate the changes rather than resist them.

Enjoy the moment, more forward towards your dream and let go of the attachment to the result of how things “should” be. After all, stress is only created when things show up differently than what we’ve anticipated.

Imagine what it would be like if we had no expectations? What if, like the trees, we just stood tall and didn’t worry about the rainy or snowy days in life? Snowy-Back-Yard

When we’re able to just be and live in the moment, change is irrelevant. The fear of change disappears because we’re too busy enjoying each moment.

The next time the world is dumping on you, just remember the one thing that is constant- change.

What appears to be cold and solid today may melt under tomorrow’s sun. What appears to be an obstacle may disappear when we focus on the present moment.

Go enjoy the day, knowing that it’s the only day that will be exactly like this one. Savor the richness of the moments, knowing that tomorrow will bring change and something new to your life. This is the only day like today, so enjoy it thoroughly!

As for me, I’m going to live in this very moment and go take a walk in the snow before the splendor of today becomes tomorrow’s mud. ☺

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