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Inspiration: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.

What inspires you? What inspires you to be a better person or to seek the unknown? It can be something as simple as a budding flower or as profound as an insight that changes the way you view life. In these times with the wavering economy, the far reaching oil spill, and wars that are tearing families apart, we can all certainly use a little inspiration!

Let’s start at the very beginning!

  1. Babies: There is something about the innocence of a baby, their tiny, chubby perfectly developed fingers and toes, their little pink tongues, and their innate knowledge that they are safe in their mother’s arms that is inspiring.
  2. Love: The love I feel for myself and for others allows me to constantly work to be a better person. Little expressions of love and respect that are witnessed between two people who do not know they are being watched is also inspiring.
  3. Country: “Liberty and Justice for all”, the freedoms we enjoy due to other’s sacrifices, and the displaying of the red, white, and blue all make me proud and encourage me to be a better citizen of our great nation.
  4. Seasons: The changing of the seasons, out with the old, in with the new – tiny blooms, hot sun, crisp fall leaves, and fresh snow – all evoke strong feelings of new beginnings and helps me to remember that change is good and inevitable.
  5. Organ donors: The selflessness of those who give to allow another person to live is amazing. Giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return, what could be better?
  6. Art: Art of all kinds, be it paintings, music, or poetry, can unite and inspire humanity and can comfort and restore the lonely and downtrodden.
  7. Shuttle launches: Mankind reaching beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary, stretching beyond our normal, everyday boundaries, and soaring high and flying through space always tugs at my heart.
  8. Random acts of kindness: A toll already paid when I reach the booth, a dime dropped in my almost expired meter, a helping hand when mine are full, even a smile of acknowledgement all inspire me to ‘pay it forward’ and help the next person.
  9. Exercise: Ah, if I could just bottle that feeling I get from a good run or a fast-paced spin class I could conquer the world, or at least that pile of laundry in the closet!
  10. Writing: The inner workings of my mind as I process thoughts into written words – the writings become poetry on paper that often inspires deeper thinking, a looking inward, and constant reevaluation of who I am and who I want to be.

Inspiration comes in soo many forms and oftentimes when you least expect it. Truly, what does inspire you? Seek and find your inspiration and then spread your wings and soar!

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Louise Baker is an inspiring freelance writer.

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  1. Its so important to know this “Love: The love I feel for myself and for others allows me to constantly work to be a better person. ” If people would only realize these points youve made they would have the capacity to love and give more to others.

    Great article.

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