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A quick thought experiment…

Photo By Tennessee-Mary (Flickr)What if God didn’t banish mankind from Eden? What if God just added the complexity of choice so you could choose to realize that you are blessed and holy and an extension of God on earth – or not?

If that were true, perhaps you could realize that you are perfect, designed to learn and grow, and that everything is a blessing that’s designed to enrich your life.

How would this change how you experience the world?

How would being blessed change how you feel? Perhaps you’d feel more confident in your ability to handle whatever life throws your way.

Have you noticed the difference between fear and exhilaration? In both cases, there’s a lack of control, but when you feel exhilaration, you have a deep inner knowing that everything will turn out just fine.

Since you are blessed, you don’t have to worry about controlling the situation or managing what happens – you can relax and enjoy the ride! You have total confidence and joy about life and your role in it. You look for blessings in every moment in the people you interact with and the things that you notice – and you take time to acknowledge and celebrate those blessings.

Perhaps you no longer see the world in terms of “good” and “bad.” Perhaps now you see “contrast” (the difference between wanted and unwanted) and “clarity” (new insight about what you DO want).And since you are blessed, you focus all your time on Clarity, allowing what you want to take centerstage. You continually look for blessings that support your Clarity and reinforce your desires.

Perhaps you’d ask different questions when you face a challenge. Perhaps you’d ask things like:

  • Since I’m already totally blessed and perfect, this is designed to work in my favor – to help me in some way. So how does this support my ultimate goals?
  • What blessings can I discover in this situation?
  • What could I learn from this?
  • How is this really a blessing in disguise?
  • Who might help me see the blessings hidden in this situation?
  • Who has found blessings in similar situations?

Perhaps you’d see discomfort in your body differently too. Perhaps you’d view your body as rapidly moving cells that are so filled with blessings and the energy of God that they occasionally get overloaded!

What if your body sometimes has trouble processing all the blessings that are flowing your way –especially if your mind has decided to ignore them or deny their existence? What if you could just allow those blessings to be and view them as nourishment for your body – like a great yoga move that stretches, expands and lengthens your cells?

Does this sound selfish?

Well, it is about you being confident enough and caring enough about yourself to notice what you like and focus clearly on that, knowing that the rest will be taken care of or it will disappear from lack of attention and use.

Perhaps your focus would shift. You’d feel confident and secure in your own blessings so you’d continually be looking for the blessings that surround others to help them recognize and celebrate their own blessings. (Isn’t it funny how seeing your own stuff is always more difficult than seeing the blessings and opportunities for another?)

What if this is the ultimate form of giving?

Perhaps knowing that you are blessed allows you to give your unique gifts more fully, empowering and inspiring those around you to do the same.

I invite you to join in The Eden Experiment and notice how things shift for you.

Maybe you have a lot to celebrate in your life that you just haven’t noticed yet because you forgot to look for the blessings in the moment.

How are you blessed right now? What can I help you celebrate?

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Elaine founded Promise Power because she believes that each person is endowed with a passion and a unique reason for being. As we harness that passion, we can achieve great success—however we choose to define it—and use our talent to help others find the light within themselves. Elaine was inspired to create Promise Power in 2006 when she saw the need for unique tools that help people pay attention to their dreams so they will take action that makes them come true. Her determination to inspire millions of women to fulfill their promises drives Elaine to share her experiences and learning.

With over 23 years of international advertising experience, Elaine started Starling Media Services, Inc. to support clients who need strategically integrated media and marketing plans. She brings a strong customer focus to her work and delights in engaging stakeholders to create innovative solutions that address specific challenges. Her clients range from high tech to consumer goods, video games, and business-to-business firms.

Elaine has served as President and Board Member of Women In Consulting and is actively involved in the American Marketing Association. An engaging public speaker and prolific author, Elaine has written numerous articles and is currently working on her book, Maximize Your Promise Power.

To fulfill her own promise, Elaine and her husband moved to the Sierra foothills where she hikes, cares for her vineyard and orchard, and makes wine.

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