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Gail has asked me to post to her blog, as she’s with family in Minnesota. Her mother-in-law passed away a few days ago. Gail will be returning to the office next week. In the meantime, I wanted to share this with you in the hopes that it will move you into action on your dream.

In working on the Global Hug Tour over the past few months I’ve seen amazing things happen in very short periods of time.  Most of this is from Gail Lynne Goodwin being a ‘generator.’

She is always generating and producing new ideas and taking action to make them a reality.

Very few people on this planet operate at the high level Gail does.  She’s pretty inspiring that way.

The main qualities she expresses daily are:  gratitude, passion and action.  The third quality cannot be understated.  The reason why most of us never get our projects and dreams off the ground is a lack of action.

Gail is a role model for taking action and that is why if you look at some of the single year periods in her life, she has experienced more than most people experience in an entire lifetime.

We all have different excuses for why we don’t take action, but at the end of the day we either have excuses or results and never both.

When we drop the excuses, a practice I’ve been working more diligently on since working with Gail, it’s amazing how creative we can get.

The next time you start to explain why you couldn’t, didn’t, won’t or shouldn’t do something, I invite you to try something.

Ask yourself, “If it was possible to do _________, what is the one thing I could do in this moment to start to make it happen?”  Then, without thinking, do whatever “that” is immediately.  Shut your judgmental voice off and just do it.

I recall a conversation where Gail was explaining the Global Hug Tour to someone and something shifted in my body.

About an hour into this conversation the high powered consultant offered one suggestion after another. Each suggestion was met with a response from Gail of how she had already done that or how she knew who to talk with to take the next step.

The revelation here for me was that I knew the Global Hug Tour would happen, but even if it didn’t, the pursuit of building it was filling Gail’s life with experiences and people that were transforming her life.

Every day that she went full steam ahead again it revealed new challenges and new horizons.  Her life will be better 6 months from now because of every tiny action she has taken to create the Global Hug Tour.  If it ended up not taking flight, it would still be a huge success for Gail in how she’s living life and in opening new relationships for future opportunities.

She was right, she cannot fail.  Just by taking action the rewards have begun to flow.

You cannot fail either …as long as you take action.  Commit to yourself to do at least one thing (or more if you’re adventurous) every single day to move closer to projects that fulfill you and living the life of your dreams.

Action is the acorn that births the oak tree of your success.

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Gail Lynne Goodwin is the founder of, bringing the best inspiration to the world. provides free inspiration, each day from a new Inspirational Luminary, to a global community of folks from over 150 countries. Gail has interviewed many well-known names including Sir Richard Branson, Guy Laliberte, Seth Godin, Tony Hseih, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and hundreds more. According to Mashable, Gail was one of 2009's Top 25 Most Inspirational People on Twitter.

Prior to, Gail spent several years as manager for her recording artist daughter, Carly. As a result of the success of their co-penned song, "Baby Come Back Home", Gail accompanied her daughter to bases in the US and to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where Carly performed for our troops. Gail and Carly created the 'World's Longest Letter' of love and support and delivered the 18-mile long scroll on a month-long tour of Iraq and the Persian Gulf in 2006.

Gail is excited to present her latest course, Love in 21 Days, a step-by-step guide to finding love online. Love in 21 Days is founded on a logical process that has been tested - and proven! - by not only Gail, but also by students around the world who too have found love.

Gail is a published author and a regular writer for the Huffington Post. She offers mentoring and mastermind services to clients worldwide from her home in Whitefish, Montana. Follow Gail on Twitter or Google+.

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