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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Istock_000010191887Xsmall
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things….
(From My Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music)

Last week Chris Brogan shared some of his favorite things on his Facebook page. Many friends read it and shared theirs too. From that simple exercise, I discovered that If you really want to get to know someone, ask them to share some of their favorite things.

In the spirit of deepening our relationship, here are a few of my favorite things…. (Please post yours below in the comment section!)…

The feel of my head on my husband’s shoulder, just being with my kids, snuggling with my brand new granddaughter, playing tug-a-war with Koda, being inspired by the world’s greatest thinkers, hanging with my social media family on Twitter and Facebook, the smell of lilac in the springtime, laughing with friends and family, listening to the music of Keith Urban or Josh Kear, the feel of warm flannel sheets on a cold Montana night, my mom’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate crinkle cookies, the warmth and sound of a crackling fire, the first dip into a new jar of peanut butter, capturing the perfect image with my camera,  fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, watching Numbers with Darryl, the joy of giving and sharing, waking up next to someone you love, skipping stones across the lake, expressing myself through my writing, the wind on my face when sailing, walking on “my” beach in Anagada, cold, wet doggie kisses, expanding my horizons with new places and new things, the everlasting depth of friendship, the exhilaration and anticipation of a steep, groomed empty ski slope, the silence of falling snow blanketing the earth, candlelit dinners, entertaining friends and family, hugging a 100-year old tree, watching fireflies on a summer night, breathtaking mountain vistas, the feeling of being home, hot chocolate with a splash of amaretto, watching the sun set over the lake and into the mountains, my husband’s unconditional, supportive love, falling asleep to the gentle rocking of a sailboat, the feel of a warm hug…

How about you? What are your favorite things? I asked my social media family on Twitter and Facebook this question:
Istock_000004217871XsmallRaindrops on roses/whiskers on kittens- For Thurs blog- what are YOUR favorite things?

I’m happy to share the top 100 with you below.

As you read these really take in the spirit behind the words. These are some very real, very wonderful peeps to follow on Twitter and Facebook. Just reading their responses gave me a cozy, warm feeling in my heart. I hope you enjoy them too.

bmaggie84 – One of my favorite things is reading a good book with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

globalpilot – Hiking with @inspiremetoday and Koda then coming home and making a roaring fire.

Jessy1822 – The sunrise or sunset, birds signing in the morning…and the moons bright light.

Steven_Jutzi – My favorite things: the amazing sore feeling I have after pushing myself into new territory in the gym and feeling healthy.

urbanmommies – Newly shined shoes, egyptian cotton sheets and Burgundy.

xo_amanda_ -A hot chai latte on a cold night 🙂

globalhugtour -Warm, real hugs from real people.

monedays -My fave things: Family moments of love, hugging and cuddling, music…

agreatfullday -The sound of the ocean, sunny days on my hammock, hugs from my hubby, laughing with my family and cuddling with my doggy.

blueblue321 -Children’s giggles…laughs from the heart..homemade cookies and long walks with my dog.

beachcleanup -A loving husband, an ocean view home, wonderful friends and a clean beach!

GhostRanger -Wagging puppy dog tails and the smell of a lover’s hair.

Flynnie19 -A good piece of dark chocolate.

luv2Bfitmom – A few of my favorite things: time spent w/friends & family, the Christmas season & a gr8 workout!

Tiggercooks -My fave things are good food, good movies and good friends to share with.

Halle_mouse – Ice cold beer & laughing with my friends 🙂 xx

zamees – Quiet after a first snow, the crackle of a fire, hug of someone that you haven’t seen in far too long, the sound of an ocean wave crashing on the shore

dru4u – Watching the sun set at the beach!!

RealLifeSheri – Watching my girls laugh together and Carmel truffle coffee w/hazelnut creamer.

QueenCDJ – Watching old rankin and bass christmas programs with my sister like we did when we were little..

HeadOnFire – Quiet sundays….filled w/alcohol

ChefCasey – My favorite thing: splashing in the lake at sunset after a long day of water skiing.  i can’t wait for summer!!

luv2Bfitmom – A few of my favorite things: time spent w/friends & family, the Christmas season & a gr8 workout such as Turbo Kick!

missnikki4180-  A smile from my son when he first wakes up.

PhillyRodz – Fresh snow, the sound of the ocean.

VidaDiva – Sitting by the fire with familiy or friends drinking eggnog while feel good Christmas songs play & the Christmas tree glows.

riyanew – My favorite things right now n then are enjoying reading great tweets from all and of course..a self made hot coffee, cheers

lovebellaluna – FAVS=KISSING!~ Camping w/my family~ When hubby & I getaway ALONE~Movies w/kids~Taking & looking at photos~Painting&Crafts- New Years Eve~Playing card/board games w/family~Listening to my kids laughing~Being cozy at home with hubby & kids- Laughing my a$$ off~ Meeting & chatting w/new peeps on twitter~ Reading & RT’n inspirational quotes & playin Halo3

mommyshoes – My favorite things are: snuggling my baby, watching baby play w her feet, coming home from work to hugs from my big kids.

pinktulips17 – That feeling when you have helped someone and they smile at you out of pure appreciation.

DrJackKing – A few of my favorite things: a smile, a tender touch, hugs, autumn, my four little ladies, and to hear “I love you, Daddy”

pamdurkin – Fav things….sittin around the fire with the fam…makin’ smores and seein’ their sweet smiles…. 😉

ladaws – Favorite things… Baking (and eating) holiday cookies.

kyhick – My favorite things -laughter and memories with my family around a table  as we shared stories !

allesegretti – Working with a committed team of people on a genuine project that has positive results!

HRTanya – Same! We are twins in that spirit, (agreeing with my hot cocoa by the fire)  I would just add a board game or two;-)

rob_totaro – The sound of laughter

amoyal – A warm blanket 😉

bjay – Warm cuddles under a blanket on a cold night outside.

DoubleOhBlondie–  A good book and a spontaneous road trip!

DeniseNamaste – I love electronic music!

mysticwonder Fave things – Lounging by the fireplace with the hubby, laughing with my son & family game night

AlicePoet -Hot milky tea at sunrise, a stack of poetry collections, and a square of fleur de sel chocolat.

Grapechick -Fav things = Rainbows & dew drops. Snow Sparkles & Sunshine. Inspirations & Friend

dcklaus -Christmas trees/ children’s faces.

adamlewis2009 -My Favorite things are…being “IN love with ” DJROCKINRED, Life, Diapers, Pumpkin Pie, eggnog, and snow

MaurasWorld -In Dec a long drive with Donny Osmond & Straight No Chaser Christmas music, xmas lights & my teens singing with me!

Mr_ILiVe4ME -Gail You are My Fav! Right behind green tea, foggy mornings, good friends, food, and conversations. Oh yeah I love LIVING!

CustomTrains -Watching a train go by, while traveling on a train, and  eating in the dining car!

esthermaulana -Cooking & decorating arnd the house for a fam&friends’ get together over re: favorite things

elbiddulph – Fave things:  My leadership library; 200+ books I can touch, hold, leaf through, cozy up with, read and be inspired by. Seasonal choice – all of the ornaments my kids made 20-25 years ago.  Each one carries a memory that warms my heart!

LoriMoreno – My favorite things are always based on Love. LOL Thanks for adding me Gail haha! Love You! Lori

drmani – Favorite things?  A child’s smile.  A steaming hot mug of tea. A good book. Friends. 🙂

amymoritz -What are MY favorite things? One is definitely a run with a friend, sharing stories and sharing silence.

stevejhayward – My Top 3 favorite things: Music, Traveling, Golfing.

dacromwell – New pjs, a cup of tea, and a book.

awisewoman1 -Willing people, having no idea what time it is & not wanting to know, feeling absolute trust in something, having an ah-ha

DrMichellexo -Favorite thing? Snuggling with my 10 1/2 & 12 year old sons because they still want to & they still smell and feel so good!  Love my peaceful morning cup of coffee with my big, mellow dog at my feet & my sweet cat on my lap.

Iconic88 Fave things – time, laughter, meals, conversations with family & close friends.

kathreenarriola – Cuddling, chocolate, wine, and a good book.

Cletae – My favorite thing is a hug 😀

msholman – Good friends that look out for me even though we’re 300 miles apart 🙂

tarynmiller -Watching it snow (this time of year), and a glass (bottle?) of wine with my parents!

KreuzersKorner – Have to be my family and especially my two kids 🙂

MelyTJ94 – My mothers embrace with the fragrance of her perfume, lyrics that touch your soul and a heartwarming tv show : )

champlings – Good movies with good company :), spending time with my family and friends, and STARS 🙂

markvanbaale – Favorite things: Hiking with the family outside on a trail deep in the Arkansas Ozark mountains.

FlyYanna – Walking on the beach on summer nights!

jessywuv – Seeing the very first snowfall of the year very early in the morning while drinking coffee and standing by a window 🙂

BajaLori – My favorite things are warm sand beneath my feet and turquoise water. LOVE the beach!

DBMartin – My dog Libby and soft kisses.  (not from Libby) lol

varun_828 – Reading a nice novel while sitting on d swing looking at the rains falin!!

crystalbradley – Without question a glass of wine in the evening.

DaveTaylor – *phew*  A few of my favorite things?  I’ll give you five: 3 kids, 1 cat and a bucket o’ friends.

carlkwan – Favorites for me are time w/family, then wine & movie w/my wife after the baby’s asleep.

bellasays – My co-workers at Mary Kay! They are amazing women!

lizdyer – Decorating the Christmas tree with my family.

jenny2s – This time of year, Favs r sitting by fire, warm cookies, hot choc!! Family, friends, pets, the spirit of Christmas!

catherina – An inspiring song, curious eyes…and Curious George 🙂

christenmc – Getting in my own bed after traveling (me now), good music, time with my family, red velvet cupcakes, a good run & sleep.

mindi_rice – Cuddling w/my kitty, reading a book during a thunderstorm, traveling, Oregon football and making new friends (like you!)

noordwijayanto – A glass of cappuccino with my lovely laptop 🙂

luckyb52 – A good Japanese meal, the first flower on a shrub I nurtured…

rivetheband – Good music, good food, travelling, performing and writing.

danielalexander – A warm bed on a cold night!

Avokvis – Hot chocolate and warm company

shannon_anicas – Sound of the ocean, smell of a campfire, sound of rain, hugs for no reason, laughter of children…

CarolineEr -Smiles, avocados, and my family… possibly not in that order . My favorite things discovered in Dec. 2002: chipotle, starbucks peppermint hot chocolate, and Will & Grace.

bucketree – Mine is sitting on Takapuna Beach looking at Rangitoto the volcanic island everyone sees in Auckland Harbour, sun shining.

sabrinacrider -Afternoon naps when it rains. Chocolate croissants. Date nights. My daughter’s giggles. Pleasure reading. Sushi. Starbucks

erinely – Favorite things, chocolate chip cookies, LOL

inspirative – Favorite things. One of mine is the amazing breakthroughs in silent meditation which connect me to the bliss of the Divine.

FrAnKiCakaPinKy- A few of my fave things: my children, my hubby, my besties, good bbq, beautiful boots, being there for others…

dazdarren -Crisp mountain air, Snapping sound when bite into apple, Crunching sound of snow underfoot @inspiremetoday these are a few of my fav things

hstrykid -Kayaking on a lazy river in the summer, seeing the stars at night, spending time with my daughter.

extremejacob -I like money. And Brawndo. It’s got electrolytes.

NewMindset -Sunsets over the ocean!  Rolling on the floor with my daughter’s dog.  Tea and Toast.  Thick duvets.  Roaring fires.

AmandeeTweets -My favorite things: my family, friends, hugs, laughter, smiling and The Twilight Saga and Gossip Girl (both make me smile)

@RichardIngate -Warm doughnuts!

Pam Brossman:
“Running along the beach at sunrise, listening to my sons squeals of laughter, holding hands with my husband walking along the beach, BBQ and wine with my friends on weekends and meeting amazing new friends like you all around the world. :)”

Nina McLaughlin:
A few of my favorite things: The way my son’s arms feel around me, A friend’s voice on the phone, a warm dog at my feet keeping me warm, waking up without feeling pain in my spine.

Edie Weinstein:
“Some of my favorite things…and I have many.  Conversations about life, the universe and everything, hanging out with kindred spirits, singing and dancing way past full (as my friend Billy Jonas says “God Is In”), drumming, indulging in chocolate, wrting, reading, teaching and of course, cuddling:)  <3″

Judy Armstrong Davis:
“My favorite things…Hearing “I love You” and knowing that they mean it even after so many years, the crisp cool air of the first snow fall, Hearing the laughter of a young child enjoying the moment, watching my 16 & 17 yr step into their “amazingness” and that deep breath you take when you just know that life is good.”

Chris Brown:
“The sound of my son’s voice, baseball, and rain. Hope all is well with you and the family Gail. ”

Carol Coe Pugh:”Wow…it’s hard to write just a few….but here goes…Snuggles x2 – one child on each arm ; watching my 4 year old talk to Santa; watching my 6 year old read to his little sister; hugs that are really sincere; winks; feeling how strong my body is when I exercise; wearing a snuggly warm sweater on a chilly day; telling my kids happy stories of their dad. Happy, Happy Holidays to you, Gail!  Thanks for all that you do.

To all who responded, THANK YOU!!!! Please feel free to post your favorite things in the comment section below.

May your holiday season be filled with wonder, joy and of course, all of your favorite things.

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  1. Being on Twitter, sometimes it is difficult to express yourself in 140 characters. So, I want to add something to my answer: I love to cook, so cooking good food for my friends and family is something that I love.

  2. this is a beautiful thing you do for people,giving them the chance to express themselves and share with others those things that bring great joy to all of our lifes,Thank you for your kindness,One of my favorite things is ,to lay on my pinic table with my lady on a clear,warm summer night in Maine,and stare at the stars,up here there is no light pollution,and you can actually see the milky way and so much more with just the naked eye.To see the universe so clearly,makes you wander if we are all alone? It’s shows the glory of Gods’mind and hands.It makes you humble when you relize how small we are compared to all that was created.A grian of sand floating amongst all the rest of the universe.the night skies here are just so beautiful!

  3. These are amazing! It’s great to see that we all still enjoy the simple things in life in spite of how much the world has changed. Thanks for doing this and for also including my little favourite. All the best.

  4. Running in the rain, watching a sunrise, spending time with my family, bringing flowers home for my wife, writing, sitting by the fireplace at Panera drinking Ice Tea, running local road races with my daughter

  5. I love the joyful woo-woo-woo! of my golden retriever; the splendid sound of the shama thrush; crashing ocean waves on the shore; trade winds; a good glass of wine; dark chocolate; a phone call from a dear friend or one of my kids

  6. As I belatedly shared on Twitter (but w/a few more characters ~_^): peace, balance, laughter, a perfect cappuccino, bonfires on the beach, hugs, my fur-kids, new experiences, deep conversation, doing the unexpected, @doreyart (me mum) & @RhodesTer (my Hunny)

    I need to get online more consistently again so as not to keep missing these! ~_~

    “To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common – this is my symphony.” -William Henry Channing

  7. I LOVE how you get the responses of those that you tweet with in your blog posts. You can truly get to know people that way! I have so many favorite things but love cinnamon dolce lattes steamed extra hot, reese cups, diet cokes, laughing till it hurts with friends while strangers look on, waking to a dm that says I was thinking of you while you were sleeping. I love the smell of crayons and play-doh and the rain and fog early in the mornings. I love splashing in puddles and laying in grass looking at cloud shapes. I could go on and on, but just wanted to say thank you for this wondeful post!

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