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  1. Sit comfortably, eyes closed.
  2.  Focus on a point six inches in front of your third eye.
  3. Count your breaths, until you feel clear and overjoyed and ready for action.

This meditation technique helps you build your energy up to overflow, through breath and focus on the third eye. A quick and easy way to feel centered and calm and to transcend any negative emotion in minutes.

Once you have a feeling of overflow and you want to do something, before you engage in it tune yourself to the best of that subject.

If you want to focus on work, tune yourself to the best of abundance. Use the same technique, but this time focus on the idea of abundance, and let yourself create a feeling, using words and/or images, until you feel complete. Then choose a specific focus and repeat the process until you have a clear actionable first step.

It is so valuable to have a tool that can move you consistently from any emotion to your highest potential in any moment. I use this same technique to get clarity and focus on abundance, health, and relationships, building the energy until I absolutely HAVE to do something. Nothing is better than feeling super clear, focused, and alive, and having something fun to do!

If you are feeling bad, it means you have focused on something in a way that is out of alignment with what you want and who you truly are. Your soul speaks to you through emotions, as a sort of a cosmic compass to navigate this life.

I like to think of our soul as standing on a mountain, and us, down in the bushes. We can’t see that far ahead, but our soul can see everything, all of our desires we have given birth to, throughout this and many lives.

Our soul has intimate knowledge of our deepest truth and highest intentions. It wants to help us fulfill that potential, and is guiding us, as we decided before coming into this reality.

How could we know what to do, or where to go, without some kind of guidance, in this sea of limitless possibilities?

I became fascinated with the idea of knowing my highest truth, and deciphering the language of the soul.

Why could I talk myself in or out of any decision?
Why couldn’t I choose a path and stick with it?
Why did I keep attracting similar patterns in my life and relationships?

I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was the way I was, and how to change it.

I learned to harness my emotions, and gather my intentions, and focus them in a direction that I wanted. I began to have visions and clairaudient experiences in peak states guiding me towards my next steps. I began a daily practice of tuning myself to the best of what I want out of life.

The reason to move emotions, and not just ride out whatever you are feeling, is that anything you focus on has a spectrum of possibilities, from really pleasing to you, to absolutely horrifying. The possibility you attract out of that infinite array of choices, is the one with which you are vibrationally aligned.

If you are thinking sad feeling thoughts, and focus there for 17 seconds or longer, you’ll attract more sad thoughts. If you continue to focus in that way, for longer than a minute or so, you’ll begin to attract experiences that match those thoughts.

If you leave the house unhappy, you’ll attract a people and experiences that upset you; whereas, if you leave the house feeling joyful, you’ll attract situations that bring you joy.

The idea that we need to honor our emotions and feel them fully, is like saying you need to honor the television, and even if you don’t like what you’re watching, finish it anyways.

Emotions are just sign posts along the highway of life. Good emotions lead to Happy Town, while bad emotions lead to Loserville.

It’s really just a matter of choosing that you want to draw out of life the absolute best of whatever possibilities exist, and even create new, even better ones.

What else are we here for except to have a good time 🙂

I love you.

I hope you have the best possible life ever!

And in doing so I know you will influence those around you, and so forth. This is how change and shift occurs on a mass scale, step by step, one by one, shift by shift.


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Kelly Shine creates space for individual and collective harmony, through deep and ecstatic experiences.
She uses music and focusing techniques to let love flow through her and align with her divine self, and realize her soul’s purpose in life.

Her purpose is to align with my higher self and offer her example, and these experiences, to allow space for you, if it feels in alignment, to experience your higher self, and live an enlightened experience.

As we awaken to our true nature of love, and allowing, we give space for all to evolve in their own time, and align with our highest divine nature, which brings material and spiritual wealth in abundance, and offers an example of enlightened living, that will be a catalyst for many. The exponential effect of this allows for an easeful evolution of humanity, in ways we can only imagine.

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