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Kelly Shine creates space for individual and collective harmony, through deep and ecstatic experiences.
She uses music and focusing techniques to let love flow through her and align with her divine self, and realize her soul’s purpose in life.

Her purpose is to align with my higher self and offer her example, and these experiences, to allow space for you, if it feels in alignment, to experience your higher self, and live an enlightened experience.

As we awaken to our true nature of love, and allowing, we give space for all to evolve in their own time, and align with our highest divine nature, which brings material and spiritual wealth in abundance, and offers an example of enlightened living, that will be a catalyst for many. The exponential effect of this allows for an easeful evolution of humanity, in ways we can only imagine.

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Three Steps To Clarity – 17 Second Meditation

Sit comfortably, eyes closed.  Focus on a point six inches in front of your third eye. Count your breaths, until you feel clear and overjoyed and ready for action. This meditation technique helps you build your energy up to overflow, through breath and focus on the third eye. A quick and easy way to feel centered and calm and to transcend any negative emotion in minutes. Once you have a feeling of overflow and you want to do something, before you engage in it tune yourself to the best of that subject. If you want to focus on work, tune…

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