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Many years ago I was attending the board meeting of the largest grass roots peasant-farmer movement in Africa, in Ouhigouya (Burkina-Faso in the Sahel)

The last day of the meeting I contracted dysentery and as at the time I was following a path of pure spiritual healing (no medicine) I worked on it spiritually. On the plane the next day I was still working on the issue with my spiritual texts, affirmations, prayers and the like. Next to me was an unaccompanied young boy, and the stewardess caring for him was incredibly loving. At one moment she spoke to him with such kindness I was suddenly overwhelmed by what I can only describe as a sort of cosmic gratitude which enveloped her and everything.

And suddenly, I was projected into a space which was timeless and beyond material space where I was aware of nothing else but infinite Love. I felt in my very essence that unconditional Love was the only cause, effect, substance, power, being, reality, identity, and presence in the universe, that it was literally All-in-all.

The most wonderful thing of the whole experience is that my ego had completely disappeared. I had no sense anymore that anyone called Pierre Pradervand even existed.
For an indeterminate period (as I was no longer in time, not even Swiss time) the divine consciousness WAS my consciousness, which is why this was the most glorious experience of my existence: infinite love manifesting as total freedom. The human mind (intellect, mental reign) had just vanished; all was on the level of this extraordinary feeling of the divine.
And suddenly, I was back in my seat on the plane. I felt something moving in my bowels and in a matter of seconds, the dysentery had disappeared.
But even that healing, however welcome, was nothing compared to the vision which brought with it a quality of knowing that human words just cannot describe – because it was far beyond normal human experience. I now feel with such a depth of certainty, of spiritual groundedness that Love is the ultimate reply to all and any problem, be it personal, social or a world issue.
And you and I are one with that Love. We are literally welded to Love and nothing will ever be able to change that, even our own doubts and fears. Love is our home, our haven, our springboard and our resting place – for always.
Because we are literally divine Love expressing itself.

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Pierre spent his first years in London during the last war, then came to Switzerland where he studied sociology in Geneva . He holds a doctorate in sociology from Sorbonne University. After a brief stint at the United Nations he worked in Algeria and later for the American Friend’s Service Committee in Africa, introducing family planning to the public. He founded what became a pioneering grass roots educational magazine on development which in the seventies played a major role in the whole of French-speaking Africa, returning in the eighties to his native Switzerland. For the past 20 years he has been writing (15 books published in as many languages). His best known book en English, The Gentle Art of Blessing, is published in seven languages. Pierre also runs his own workshops on personal development and spirituality. His 50 year career spanned sociological field research, public education and journalism, program director and international consultant, with travels or work in over 40 countries of the five continents. He is a true world citizen who for many years has been striving for a world that works for all. His new book, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself  and the World, with a Foreword by Ervin Laszlo,  was recently published by O Books,  John Hunt  John Hunt Publishing  and has received excellent reviews.


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