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Often times, we get so distracted, or caught up on the vastness of the “problems” of our world that we get discouraged, and don’t do anything at all. In truth, we are living in very interesting times. There are a lot of people who are hurting, or being hurt, going with out food, are not being nurtured with love, homeless, jobless, and hopeless. This is not to mention the issues that need to be addressed in regards to our mother earth. This is our reality, right now.

The other reality is: there are many people who are making a difference everyday to create change. There are people who have made it their life long commitment to bring love and change to our humanity. Some of these people we know because they are in the publics eye, and some of which we may never hear of. Either way, I honor and appreciate their efforts.

Now, there are the people who fall in between, every day people, who are just doing their best to make the most of their life, but may not feel like what they have to give is enough in relation to how big they may think the problems are. However, anything that we have to give is enough and everything that we give makes a difference. There are no problems that are too big, or too many people that need to be helped, if we all play our part.

We are all in this together. You have just as much to offer as does anyone else. Although we may get discouraged, or ask: “what do I have to give?” we must all know that anything we give makes a difference. You don’t have to give thousands of dollars, volunteer hundreds of hours, or protest for our environment, to make a difference.

YOU can make a difference just by being who you are, at your chore, a work of love and grace. Be the love that you are, be kind to people, stay open to how you may be used, and send love and healing in your thoughts of the people who are in need. You do make a difference!


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Ricky Roberts III is the author of four books, YOU, What Really Matters, Where Did the Gift Go, and Awakening the New You: A Path to Transformation. He is also a monthly columnist for Transformation Magazine, youth advocate, speaker and visionary. Roberts believes that everyone matters and deserves to know it. This belief inspired him to create YOU ARE VALUED, a nonprofit organization that creates positive change one heart at a time. The vision of YAV is a world where everyone sees the value in who they are and appreciates the same in others. Roberts has had the privilege to connect with 1000’s of youth and adults in a wide variety of settings from maximum-security detention centers to parent and adult groups to middle and high school classrooms.

As a young person Roberts witnessed abuse on many levels between his mother and father, which impacted his perception of love and his self worth for many of his teenage years. After being stabbed nine times at the age of 17, Roberts let go of his role as a victim and began asking how he can use what he has experienced to impact others in a positive way. Roberts takes everything he has learned not only from his own healing process but those he has had the honor to help in theirs and fuses it into his continued effort to best understand how he may be of service to others.

Today, Ricky inspires through his writings, speaking engagements, workshops, youth outreach, volunteer work, efforts with the YOU ARE VALUED movement and his interaction with others in his daily living. He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be. For more information, please visit and

Ricky resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Ricky, I couldn’t agree more.
    Like Mahatma Ghandi said : “be the change you wish to seek in the world” and like you said you CAN make a difference just by being who you are, at your chore of love and grace. I always say every little bit helps.

  2. Thanks Ricky for this thought-provoking reminder.
    Conquering the entire problem is the mindset that we all fall prey to sometimes. We do it out of love of course! But, like you said, it is US as individuals-one by one-that make a difference in each of our corners on this globe.
    An untangable example that has been burdening my heart lately is forgiveness. When forgiveness really takes place, it releases captives-whether ourselves from guilt, or others. But, the most impact it has is on others that hear about you forgiving someone. It releases someone that might feel that they have to take a “side” out of love or anger. When two people forgive or reconcile, the beauty in it abounds like a ripple effect on the water. Others start to want that freedom too, and so on.
    Interesting is a great word for the state of our reality. It is a perfect time to be forgiving, and to BE the change within yourself.
    GOD’s rich blessings on all!

  3. Every time I read your works of art.. I have to stop.. smile.. and say thank you! You really are a beautiful man with beautiful words Ricky!

  4. I agree with you. Every little bit helps with the issues we face, not only in our own efforts, but in the way we give inspiration as a result of these efforts. Love and compassion is a beautiful influence. Keep spreading that light Ricky.

  5. The reminder that every moment spent with loving intention is making a difference. It truly makes it easier to keep going knowing that we dont have to be anything other then we can be in this moment. Your words are true because they remind us of the simplicity of just being and not underestimating how that is enough because we are perfect and divine. As we feel this then if needed growth naturally occurs. Thank you Ricky for the great reminders!

  6. Reading this was a refreshing reminder of the power and value in just being myself. Often I struggle with the “big” picture and lose myself in the overwhelming vastness. Your words brought me out of that state of powerlessness and into a place where I can relax…knowing who I am and the value of my place and contribution. Thank you Ricky Roberts!

  7. Thanks Ricky! As Always your energy gives our consciousness a delightful lift. When we grow to an awareness of valuing our “BEING” in lieu of “being valued” our world truly takes on it’s true goal of peace and love for all.

  8. I truely agree too many people seem to busy, just to have a general conversation with people, which I feel is crazy. No matter how busy you are in life, you should always have time to help or at least talk. Some people in life just need a good ear to listen to and give them advice. This world is very hard with nobody in your corner, even the best boxers in the world always had a good corner man, same with life we all need a good person in our corner. So Ricky its very true, you dont have to volunteer hundreds or hours or donate thousands of dollars, just do what you can to help and thats all anybody can ask.

  9. Time to start a Love Revolution. The beauty is it starts with the “menial, daily acitivites”. Thanks for always being such a bright light for the world, Ricky. One Love!

  10. Nicely said Ricky! Doing my best to teach this thought process to my kids so they’ll grow to be happy healthy adults in this confusing world. I enjoy reading your blogs and posts, you’ve become quite adept at expressing yourself through writing. Keep up the good work!!! Take it easy – Cherie

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful free website. Inspiration is so neccesary in life, to give it and to get it!

    I am enjoying the copy of quotes that I was able to download directly from your site. Keep being an inspiration!
    Thanks again. Marguerite Fair

  12. LOVE This! “YOU can make a difference just by being who you are, at your chore, a work of love and grace. Be the love that you are…”

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring wisdom.

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