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This we know: Humanity stands at the precipice. We must quickly decide whether we will continue to desecrate and destroy our planet, or whether we will make the needed changes and sacrifices that allow all of earthly existence to survive and thrive. We are asked to consciously co-create a new reality in which to fulfill our greater, more noble destinies. Indeed it is the very reason that each of us is presently living upon Earth.

This we know: We are summoned, and how we respond is critical. Do we step up to the plate and begin to make the necessary changes, or do we continue to complain, turn away, and wait for others to change?

This we know: We already recognize where change is needed. We already know what each of us must do to become the change we wish to see in our world. We know that there are needy, sick, poor and homeless; and that every one of us makes a difference. And we all realize that we have come to Earth for just such a moment as this.

We may not fully know how to change, we may not fully know what to do, or even if we can succeed. But begin we must! Humankind will surely perish if we do not try.

This we know: Each world begins with You and Me. All of us are Beings of Energy and Light. We are invited to participate in the most sacred task of creating a new world. We already know that all change and creation begins within. So please take a moment or two, or three or more …. Please enter into the silence and stillness at the very core of your being, and please begin the inner process of creating a sustainable and caring world.

Deep within my heart and soul, there is an absolute certainty that We can create the world we want to dwell within; We can evolve; and We can become a loving, compassionate, sustainable and harmonious humanity. We can make it happen, if we but dare to dream and envision once again. It has always been so.

This we know: A dedicated community of vision and light can bring forth a life sustaining and life affirming humanity. I invite you to become the change you wish to see in your world, to be the action you seek, the inspiration you need, and the love you wish to share. Let us join together in the wonder of conscious co-creation and joy. Let us begin!

All who wish to respond to Spirit’s Soulful call to help birth a new world – now is the moment to begin. Please help us make it so.


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Dr. Joyce Kovelman has PHDs in both Neuroanatomy and Psychology, completed an N.I.M.H. Post-Doctoral scholarship in Psychiatry and Bio-behavioral Sciences and taught for several years in the Medical School of U.C.L.A. She is also a widow, mother and grandmother, and has served for many years as an ECOSOC Representative to the United Nations in New York, N.Y. on behalf of the Institute of Global Education.

A vivacious Life Coach and dynamic Speaker on TV, Radio and at International Conferences, Joyce overflows with innovative ideas, creative possibilities and endless horizons. Her expertise in Creative Aging offers us a glimpse into the least defined, most challenging and expansively creative time of our life. She shows us that aging can be a marvelous time of growing, learning, healing as well as an opportunity to make peace within and all around you. She has considerable expertise on the Evolution of Consciousness and is a co-creator of the newly forming 'Grandmothers' World Council' whose mission is based upon the prophency of the Hopi Indians of North America that states: "When the Grandmothers Speak, the Earth will Heal."

Joyce encourages and invites us to listen calmly, speak softly, walk gently, and love deeply.

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