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The people you love are 64.37% water.

Actually, the people you love are 99.9999% empty space… (since the atoms we’re made of are mostly empty space).

Furthermore, science says, you are literally made of light and consciousness, born from the bellies of stars, embodying the infinite energy of the universe, eternally connected to everything else.

You are unlimited awareness residing temporarily in a physical body.


Why then, instead of unlimited, do we often feel helplessly trapped in the limitations of our complicated lives-with all our fears, disappointments, and heartaches?

Imprisoned by complexity, we’ve nearly forgotten our true nature-even though the evidence is all around us.

When we have night-time dreams- of flying into the stars, creating beautiful works of art, re-uniting with lost loved ones -that’s our unlimited awareness expressing itself. In our thoughts and dreams we have infinite power, unbounded potential, and complete freedom.

Whenever our hearts insistently tug at us to go someplace; when exactly what we need comes right to us; when we recognize the cosmic precision of an unbelievable coincidence; when we experience joy, awe, rapturous love-we’re experiencing our OTHER part- our infinite nature.

But we forget, ignore, and deny this. Since thoughts, dreams, feelings and intuitions don’t obey the rules, we say they can’t be real. We deny half of our experience, reject half of who we are. We grieve and feel afraid, believing that a cruel, unfair world makes life so hard.

But what if we’re really bereft and fearful because we’ve LOST OURSELVES?

The prevailing, relentless, fear-based message we receive from the outside world is that we are small, powerless-and not enough. Like a powerful filter, it prevents us from seeing the whole truth-that we have a dual nature.

For we are capable of soaring into the infinite at the very same time that we are grounded to the earth.

Right now, consider that your world is like a gigantic mirror-an infinitely creative reflection of your limitless self, projected outside you, so you can see, feel and experience it.

If you’ve ever been depressed on a beautiful day, or delighted on a stormy day, then you know that how you feel creates what you experience. Your emotions and beliefs are powerful projections that determine what you see.

So the more fearful and small you feel, the more your world-just like a mirror-reflects that powerlessness right back to you.

Now consider this: Both you and the world are as powerful, safe, limitless, and loving as you feel.

Let yourself re-discover this simple truth.

Notice the colossal beauty all around you. It’s your own indescribable beauty reflected outward for you to see and experience.

Celebrate the stunning complexity and variety in your world. It mirrors your own astonishing creativity.

Pay attention to every intuition, every synchronicity. It’s your own boundless connection to Everything…sending you a message. Listen for it. Then take the hint!

Lose track of time doing something you love. Swim in your own timelessness.

Be captivated by the immensity and wonder of the world around you.
For you are not in the universe, the universe is in you.

Look out into the awesome, magnificent cosmos and recognize yourself.

Practice mightily loving yourself. You are truly amazing! When you love yourself, your mirror world will reflect that love right back to you.

In reclaiming awareness of your infinite nature, your primary experience of the world can change to one of abundance, not limitation.

You can feel limitlessly in love with the universe… and that it is in love with you…because that is who you really are.

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Dr. Christine Ranck is a trauma therapist and psychoanalyst in NYC. Using state-of-the-art, fast and powerfully effective mind-body treatments, EMDR and Brainspotting, she specializes in healing the effects of profound trauma, and in creativity and performance enhancement for artists and performers.

Christine is co-author of Amazon’s #1 best-selling book/soundtrack combo, Ignite the Genius Within, incorporating aspects of those powerful tools into a transformational book to deliver insight, enhance creativity, and restore a sense of safety, limitlessness, abundance and hope to users right away.

Powerful images, penetrating questions, and the Get Ignited! Bilateral Soundtrack—soothing music and nature sounds that oscillate back and forth instead of stereo, stimulating both sides of the brain—force your brain to communicate with itself differently, facilitating a trip into yourself unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Dr. Ranck has brought her Ignite Your Brain, Change Your Life” talks and workshops all over the US. Her ground-breaking work has been featured in Time Out Magazine, The New York Times, NY Post, on radio, in several documentary films, and on many national talk shows, including “The Today Show.”

Dr. Ranck says: “We are all geniuses of creativity, adaptation, and survival, but we consciously use only a fraction of our brain’s awesome power.

“Our logical, protective brain is designed to see danger and invoke fear everywhere. Traumatic events, especially in childhood, cause us to shut down our overwhelming awareness and feelings—preventing us from being shattered. We gradually lose touch with ourselves and our power.

“We now know that the brain is highly responsive to any right-left stimulation of the body. For example, when we walk or run, our feet are continually right-lefting (called “bilateral stimulation”), forcing the right and left brain hemispheres to communicate back-and-forth, which dramatically increases insight and creativity. (How often do we have Ah-ha! moments, or feel better when we walk? That’s because of bilateral stimulation!)

“Bilateral stimulation is incorporated into trauma therapies EMDR and Brainspotting (through eye movements or oscillating sound-effects) to quickly resolve the symptoms of trauma. Although we can’t change our past, we CAN change the limiting beliefs we carry from our past—at the cellular level. Then our flexible, genius brain creates new neural pathways to support that transformation from fearful to limitless.”

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  1. Love this, Christine. How easily we forget! I’m focusing these days on paying attention to all those wisps of intuition that seemingly pass by. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Hello I love I’ve had these realisations many times lately and it’s truly been sinking into the cells of my body,
    now vibrating with the light of truth of who I am, and who we are … : )
    Thank You for sharing!

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