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There was a time when I thought that who I was was what I did. I thought that money made me happy and that life was a destination at station 401K. After I broke my neck and had to learn how to walk and talk and chew gum all over again, I realized that the Holy Grail of life was not something I could buy, sell or hold, contrary to whatever Wall Street or Madison Avenue would have me believe.

I now know that the Holy Grail is something I feel, and I call it love. I also learned that pain is the result of damaging my body, but suffering was an option created in my mind.

Along the journey I now refer to as The Way, I discovered that confidence was an act of thinking but courage was an act of doing. Without confidence I believed in nothing, but without courage I achieved little.

Although confidence was the precursor to courage, I needed both – confidence enabled me to care to dream and courage inspired me to dare to dream.

Yet caring to dream and daring to dream was insufficient; I had to fight for my dreams. As I fought, I prayed for courage and instead of finding courage, I discovered another devious aspect to reality. I realized that God doesn’t have pixie dust and She couldn’t make me courageous until I faced the dragons.

There were days when nothing seemed to go right. The time my laundry was stuck in the cleaners for a month, my website crashed at the worst possible time, or the day I lost my job. But the Creator worked in mysterious ways, for my trip to the laundry saved me fifty dollars, my dead website awakened me to a worn out server just in time, and the ending of one career opened me to pursue my hearts desire – writing.

Because of this, I learned that there were no accidents, and coincidences were actually synchronicities pointing me on my soul path. I discovered that goose bumps were in reality “truth-bumps”. I concluded that despite my clumsy attempts, I was not really in control and when I let go, magic happened – and I was always being guided and protected.

Along The Way, I discovered great illusions and they set me free. The left-brained nuclear engineer realized that I was pure energy, photons, a light being. The submariner realized my brain was like my sonar system, capable of pinging thoughts around the world, affecting everyone’s course and speed.

I laughed when I discovered God didn’t have a watch, matter was not solid, and time was not linear. It proved that death was an illusion, I am an eternal light being, and I am a part of you, you are a part of me, and we are one.

Finally, I discovered a religion called science, and a science called religion that were two sides of the same coin. I now believe that scientists are people of faith, we are all agents of God, and the sixth sense is more than a movie.

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JD Messinger is a modern day visionary whose credentials are reminiscent of a renaissance man. As a child, JD was fascinated with chemistry, electricity, and mechanics, often dismantling household appliances to decipher their operational secrets. He began his adult life as a fireman and moved on to be the former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, Singapore, one of 37 Distinguished Graduates from the United States Naval Academy class of 1981, a former nuclear submarine officer, and the Exxon executive who helped supervise the Valdez Oil spill cleanup. 

JD has a dynamic presence in the media as the creator and host of both a television show and CNN radio show. In the business world he has been an adviser to Fortune 100 clients, governments, and members of parliament on five continents.

JD was the IT person of the week for Channel News Asia and nominated for CEO of the year by CNBC Asia. Later in life, he became a Knight of Honor in the Order of St. John and received numerous corporate presidential and national awards. An international speaker, JD has been interviewed on dozens of television shows as a featured expert on innovation, crisis response, and the future of energy.

Dignitaries and executives around the world have praised his position papers, which have been distributed to numerous Presidential candidates, members of parliament, prime ministers, and royal family members in both the United States and abroad. JD has been married to Marianne for thirty years, and they are blessed with three children. The family is currently living in Texas. He is conversational in Mandarin Chinese, and in his free time JD enjoys all things adventurous such as fencing, boxing, scuba diving, hiking, and hosting talk radio.

JD Messinger is the former CEO of Ernst and Young Consulting (Singapore), a former fireman, nuclear submarine officer, and former radio and television show creator, producer and host.

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