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You’re much more than just a physical body. You have within your being an indomitable spirit. Be still, and reach deep into your inner source of spiritual energy for the strength and power that will guide you to living your best life.

You’re not helpless nor at the mercy of any situation, problem, or adversity; on the contrary, you ‘re a magnificently made human being, containing all the resources you need to live the life and love you’ve been envisioning.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, however you choose, you can live your best life now! Living ‘your best life’ begins with living your authentic truth. Your authentic truth is to live the life you envision for yourself by realizing that you matter, because if you don’t matter, no thing and no one will truly matter to you.

Whether you fulfill your dreams, goals, desires or longings is determined by the thoughts you are thinking at any given moment. Are your thoughts limiting or limitless? Are they self-defeating or life-enhancing?

Self-discovery is an exciting journey to self-mastery and ultimate recovery from the negative influences and thoughts that have kept your own riches hidden from you, preventing you from living ‘your best life.’

You cannot live in the shadow of someone else’s dreams or expectations for you or your life, as the world outside your eyes will never satisfy your appetite or longing for the freedom you seek, which comes from living your authentic truth. It will only serve as a distraction from fulfilling your own life’s purpose.

If you want to live deliberately, purposefully and authentically, you must draw your nourishment from the indomitable spirit within, where the seat of life’s longing for itself rests.

The world was not meant to be your guide; it was intended to be your creation, so if your life is reflecting everything you don’t want, like the artist, choose another blank canvas and create your life anew, from the inside out.

Your inner world of spirit operates on a different wavelength, because it’s not conditioned on what occurs in the world outside your eyes, it’s an invisible energetic and magnetic source that, through your thoughts, creates the world you see and experience.

Your thoughts create the reality you live in: good, bad, or indifferent. None of these adjectives should define who you are or how you’re living. You matter and deserve better, and you have what it takes, by virtue of spirit and the thoughts you entertain, to beat all the odds against living your authentic truth and best life!

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Sydney Andrews is a retired nurse, college graduate with a degree in psychology, an author, inspirational speaker and happens to be gay. She resides in Florida with her awesome partner of thirty nine years. She has three grown children, in whom she's so proud, five grandchildren. Writing has always been her life's passion; Her intention is to make a difference with each word she writes, or speaks. She loves the ocean, gardening, reading and spending time with friends. At seventy years of age, she feels life has never been brighter or richer in content.

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  1. Sidney, Perfectly communicated! Touche! I feel very enriched by this article and feel it was perfectly timed to reach me. Thanks and have a great weekend. Pam 🙂

  2. Hi Sidney, I love the truth of your article and wonder, how do you suggest a person gets to this stage of self-awareness, self-knowing and self-responsibility? Most ‘experts’ say, “Just make a decision!” However, in my experience the majority of people would love to achieve this internal power, however, “if they could, they would!”

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