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Azziza Salem

Life has a way of keeping you humble.

Profanity, hatred, anger, jealousy, rudeness and selfishness are not pretty or attractive.

Mean people are hurting inside. Love them.

You can’t fight anger. You must envelop it with love.

It’s not a good idea to have a conversation if you are angry or upset. Wait until you calm down.

People can change! But, it is up to them to make that choice. You can’t make anyone change.

When you reach a certain low, it can be rock bottom or the beginning of a spiral out of control. It’s your choice!

Everyone has difficult times. You can view them as challenges, work through them and learn valuable lessons. Or you can let the struggles become overwhelming, just give up and learn nothing. If you choose the latter, these challenges will keep showing up.

It would be nice if everyone who has overcome struggles would help others facing similar ones.

You are responsible for picking up all the junk that is dumped on you. Stop wasting time blaming others.

We all make mistakes. We can’t erase them but can be better today than we were yesterday.

It’s a brilliant idea to learn from other people’s mistakes. Don’t learn the hard way.

Gratitude brings more blessings.

Charity brings more riches.

Compliments make people smile.

Children are wise. We can learn so much from them when we give them quality time.

Constant self assessment is necessary.

You become like those with whom you spend time.

Compassion is in fashion. It makes the world a better place and it defies the law of supply and demand.

Discursive thoughts are a curse… freedom from them brings peace. Meditation helps.

Life is in the present moment. Be here, now.

It is not our job to judge others.

There is something bigger… God/Source/Universe.

You can’t fool God/Source/Universe. If you think you are “getting away” with something, you’re wrong.

Prayer works.

Forgiveness is liberating.

We all have a very important purpose. Don’t sabotage other people’s efforts.

Follow your passion or you will be miserable. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.

It’s not good to do harm. It’s better to harmonize.

I’m no more significant than anyone in this universe, and no one is more significant than me.

Stuff really doesn’t matter. We come into this world alone with nothing except a body. We leave this world alone with nothing, not even a body.

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Azziza® is creator of Bellydi®, “The Sweeter Way to Sweat”. Belly dancing fitness that is so much fun, it makes you giggle while you wiggle.

This NY Belly dancing starlet started her journey in 1995 when she was searching for a fun way to get fit. After walking into Renate’s Harem Belly Dance Studio in Baldwin NY, she was bitten by the belly bug. Azziza® joined Renate’s troupe “The Goddesses Bas Harem” and delved deeply into her passion. A few years later, Azziza® moved into New York City, quit her day job and became a full time belly dancer.

Azziza® enjoyed 6 years in the Big Apple. She performed 7 nights a week for many celebrities including Puff Daddy, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Kirsten Dunst. Azziza studied with a myriad of Egyptian teachers through the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance. Azziza® also studied and danced in Turkey and Egypt. With her obligations in NY, she had to turn down a contract in Egypt at the Cairo Meridien on the Nile.

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