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Time is an illusion. The past is not real, only a memory. So, too, the future… merely speculation. The only time that’s real is NOW. That’s why the only time I’m truly able to connect to Higher Intelligence (Higher Self, Tao, God, Universe, whatever you call It) is NOW. I need that connection, that guidance, in order to live life to the fullest… in order to achieve my dreams.

When I know what I want in life, the Universe (or the conscious totality of everything that exists)… continuously reveals the path to my dreams. Why? Because I’m here to experience Life from my unique perspective on behalf of the Universe. Why? Because the Universe is inclined to expand, and my experience causes expansion… or growth of consciousness.

As long as I don’t botch things up with worry and doubt, everything that comes my way is another sign post guiding me to my goal. If you’ve discovered your Life’s Mission, focus only on that. If not, surrender… the Universe will whisper back your own forgotten ideals. Guidance comes in the form of intuition, a feeling, sometimes a voice in my head. But I can’t hear this voice if my mind is busy analyzing scenario after scenario… what ifs… fears. Let them go. How?

  • Simply STOP THINKING about those things.
  • Follow the guidance that comes from living in the NOW.
  • Develop a sense of invincible Faith, that no matter what comes your way—as unrelated as it may sometimes seem—it is another stepping stone toward realizing your dreams.
  • Accept everything. Resist nothing.
  • Realize you have the choice to be joyous or fearful.

Here’s a simple, but powerful tool… put a smile on your face. Inhale to the count of three. Keep smiling! Exhale to the count of five. Whenever you find your mind drifting into negative territory (i.e. focusing on the problem instead of the solution; fear instead of love), do this exercise three times in a row. You will restore your sense of well-being, and be back in the moment. Do this as often as necessary throughout the day.

We live in a deeply interconnected Universe. Everything orbits around and around—stars, planets, blood cells, atoms… the thoughts broadcasting from my head and heart. The vibrational frequency I send out is the same frequency that comes back to me. Send out good vibrations! Make it habit.

Stay feeling good, and in the moment as much as possible. Stop judging what’s good or bad; allow your wholeness. Like weeding a garden, work on uprooting repressed negative beliefs and emotions. Find something to be grateful for (and if you look, you’ll find an endless supply), and be joyous for your good fortune. Even if you think the world is falling apart around you, there is still always something to be grateful for. Let go of fear and illusion. Embrace the Divine Now. Live it. Trust it. Share your good vibrations with ALL, and you will fulfill your maximum potential.

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Born in Los Angeles, Metrov began professional life in New York City in 1970 working as a designer/illustrator for world-renowned Push Pin Studios, then as a Fine Arts painter in a loft across from Andy Warhol’s Factory. He studied painting with Gilbert Stone, a Prix di Rome Scholar, whose mentor was the great Gregory Gillespie. Having exhibited in NYC & Los Angeles, Metrov’s paintings currently reside in dozens of collections worldwide. Patterson Sims (former curator Whitney Museum), Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger, Keith Richards, Ben Vereen, and Margaux Hemingway are a few of the aficionados who have collected his work. He left his mark on America’s 1970’s sub-culture as punk rocker, Tony Coca-Cola, singer/guitarist of the Roosters. After ten years, he added motion pictures to his repertoire when he realized films had the potential to be paintings that moved and made sound. Following an extensive stint in the film business, writing (screenplays & novels), directing, producing—the whole time continuing to paint, exhibit, and produce art videos—he is now fully focused on painting and sculpture. His main influences are Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Chuck Close, Gregory Gillespie, Jim Nutt, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Frank Stella.

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  1. Thank you such words of wisdom.A great reminder to surrender to the universe.This is truly beautiful piece
    Surbhi NZ

  2. This is so interesting … I have been waiting patiently, trusting the universe to show me the way to work that is both rewarding and that financially abundant. The VISA bill is due today, so I woke up in a panic. I talked myself out of fear, and said to the universe to ‘show me the money’ so to speak. And it did. I found a cheque of work I had done last year that I had not banked. Unbelievable, right? I’m not making it up, honest! And, then I read this amazing post! To surrender … to keep trusting … Thank you! I cannot tell you how much I needed to read this to continue on my path … to continue to surrender, to be mindful, and to trust.

  3. Awesome post, thanks!!! Timely and an utterly perfect “cosmic wink” too, as I like to call any striking synchronicity that I come across… I smiled when I saw the title of your article. Have been following the Mindfulness Summit online for nearly a month now; set the intention to participate in a mindfulness training here in France should the opportunity come my way. Well, have got it today! Got an email from a friend informing me about one in December next to their place. Signed up immediately, turned out registration was closed but I was accepted, all the same! You can imagine how happy and awfully grateful I felt! Will thus visit my friends and we’ll attend the training together. How does it get any better than that?

    Faith is the 2nd thing: I read Rick Hanson’s JOT (Just One Thing) entitled “Have Faith” a bit earlier this afternoon! I must say I do have quite a bit of it and I guess my vibrations must have been raised as high as my bubbling heart could allow! All is well, so it seems and so it is. Blessings. Godspeed!


  4. Thank you, kind sir, for your encouraging words of wisdom. He who dies with the most moments of joy wins, I love it.

  5. This is a beautiful piece and one we all need to continually remind ourselves to do, live in the now. We all run 100 miles an hour these days just to keep up with the crazy pace that life has become for most of us, in the process of getting to the next step we forget to enjoy the step we are taking at the moment. We all do it without realizing, and Metrov you are right, yesterday has passed, tomorrow hasn’t happened, ENJOY your “now”… live in it and cherish it. Especially when we let work and stress start eating at the act of enjoying life.

  6. Well spoken. . . when you eliminate stress from your life the NOW can be amazing. Like the way you think. . . young man!

  7. The principles in my essay work, but it takes practice, practice, practice to master them. The principles must become habitual, so we don’t even think about them anymore. I’ve been practicing Living in the Now for well over ten years now, and feel like I’m just getting the hang of it. The one thing I can say is, the commitment is definitely worth the effort. The breath exercise is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever acquired. I just have to remember to do these things… especially when the pressure’s on! Again, that’s where habit comes into the picture.

  8. Its amazing how simple and difficult it is to live in the now. I heard someone say recently that it is learning to live without resistance, without friction with the universe. I loved your words and will try to integrate the idea of surrendering and breathing even more into my habitual thought structures. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Metrov! We often forget how to simy live and enjoy what we have been given. This is a simple reminder to ourselfs to be in this monent. Thank you for this wisdom, i will make it my daily practice 🙂

  10. This wisdom came at a very opportune time, and answer to guidance requested actually. There was something in the energy infused within it that spoke to me differently, a connection I hadn’t felt before with something I knew but hadn’t yet grasped…..and now have. Perhaps it’s the meeting of the spirits of two New Yorkers meeting virtually.Tthough I am no longer a resident, the upper East side scene remains an integral part of my soul’s amazing experience on this planet. But it is more, which I cannot fully express, but can only send you the energy of love and gratitude for this sharing.

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