It has been said that the sign of a life well lived is one that was spent serving others.

Let’s face it, would you get more enjoyment from getting a pat on the back at work or watching someone you helped to excel get the same kudos in the cubicle next to you? It seems that when we focus our attention toward the betterment of others, we get the same amount of appreciation in return.

It may not always be vocalized, but internal satisfaction is something that cannot be bottled or sold. It’s the same feeling of pride parents feel when their child rides his bike for the first time without training wheels, or when he later graduates from high school. We know when we experience this feeling that we have shared a little of ourselves.

So, why is it that some of us seem to lose this desire? Could it be that we become tainted by society’s rules, being trained to believe life is a series of rituals decided by survival of the fittest? Perhaps it’s time we turn our attention toward a more gallant quest, one in which a portion of our energy is focused in an outward direction.

This can be done with the simplest of actions and it begins with the single step of becoming aware.

Many people feel they need to be rich, powerful or famous before they can reach out and make a difference, but there are countless food banks, orphaned children and shelters that would tell you differently. Every one of us can make a contribution to the world we live in, even if it’s a simple act of taking in a newspaper from the neighbor’s lawn when he is away on vacation.

As soon as we recognize that we may be of service, then perhaps we may become of service.

Take one step – do what feels best to you and the reward may be found in the satisfaction of knowing how truly important you are to someone else.

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Filmmaker and Motivational Speaker Greg S. Reid is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of several successful corporations, who has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment of finding and living a life of purpose.

Reid’s work has been published in over 30 books, 12 of which became bestsellers, and 8 went on to become #1 bestsellers, his books can be found worldwide.

His popular titles The Millionaire Mentor, (translated into 9 languages) and Positive Impact, (Barnes and Noble #1 best seller) teach the principles he learned from his mentors: to achieve extraordinary success one must first help others succeed.

His unique style has made him a highly sought-after keynote speaker for corporations, universities and charitable organizations. His community involvement has earned him recognitions from the White House when former president Bill Clinton commended him for his assistance in shaping young minds through a local “Mentorship” organization.

In a letter to Greg, Clinton said:

“Making your own outstanding contributions…you have devoted your time, talents and energy to fulfill America’s bright promise for all our people,”

A native Californian, Reid is the founder and former CEO of Work$mart, Inc. an innovative advertising firm that he sold in 2004 in order to pursue his dream of making a mark in the personal development industry.

Currently he is the CEO of three rapidly growing corporations in San Diego, WISH Entertainment, Inc. a multi media production company responsible for the creation of the international Pass it On Movement; The Millionaire Mentor, Inc., which produces motivational seminars; and Mui Fina, Inc., a men’s dress wear design and production company.

Greg is also co-owner of BASIC, the hottest new restaurant in downtown San Diego and a partner in GBKpromotions, Inc., a Los Angeles based company that supplies celebrities with “Gift Bags” at red carpet events.

 Greg is a board member of Executive Books, a printing and distribution company which has distributed over 50 million books worldwide and he also sits on the board of directors for the EOT in Ontario Ca., a mentoring program that teaches youth to use their talents in order to improve their lives.

He also serves on the board for PhotoCharity, a non profit organization that helps provide shelter for homeless teens in San Diego.

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