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Alex Parker

1. Take Advantage of the Digital Economy Available
We are in a drastically changing world because of the evolutions in technology which are taking place. The technological world in which we live has changed the way we work in so many ways, but most importantly, it has opened so many doors for those who are looking to take control of their life.

No longer is it necessary for people to trade time for money because of the digital economy available for us to tap into. Your life does not have to be filled with work, and it should not be if you play your cards right and tap into the digital economy and most importantly the beauty and power of the internet.

2. Your Time is Now!
It amazes me just how much people complain in our modern day world, when it comes to how they want more and to be more, but when it comes down to it, they have no plan or true passion to make a change in their life. Put simply, your time is now! When you see the need for or want something to change in your life, make a plan to make that change happen. As they say, time’s a wastin’!

3. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Recreate the Wheel!
When I started out in internet marketing and in business, I always had the idea that I knew what I was doing, when inevitably, I failed more than I succeeded at first, because I wasn’t following a proven system that would virtually guarantee me success. After falling on my face multiple times, I realized I was trying to be successful without that proven system in place.

Bottom line, find someone who is as successful as you want to be, research them, find out how they became successful, and simply do the exact same things they did that made them so successful, and you will be virtually guaranteed success.

4. Don’t Journey Alone
What is life without “cheerleaders” and people that make your inspiration and passion skyrocket? Make sure that as you venture down your journey to achieve your definition of success that you have a support system.

For me, my inspiration was a multimillionaire internet marketer named Stuart Ross, who even though I didn’t know him personally, keeping up with him online (watching his videos on YouTube, etc.) allowed me to have a sense of encouragement and boosted my passion to succeed up to insurmountable heights. Once you have your “cheerleaders” and support system in place, nothing can stop you!

Lastly, one of the very best things I can pass on to anyone who is looking to achieve success (however you define it) is that you have the opportunity to do anything and be anything.

If you are looking to be a “somebody” in this world, there is nothing that can stop you, and you have it within you to be that “somebody.” When I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I thought that everyone else had these amazing gifts which got them to their level of success. In reality, everyone has it within themselves to be that “somebody,” and if they want it bad enough, they can be great and do great things.

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Forbes-featured young entrepreneur Alex Parker of Grand Rapids, Michigan says he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug from the time he could comprehend. Growing up, he always was in awe when seeing the lavish lifestyle which successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople lived every day. Throughout elementary and junior high, Alex became more and more fascinated with the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and entered the workforce early in the 9th grade.

In his early teen years, Alex set out and found a position which involved performing publicist/assistant tasks for celebrity reality T.V. star, personal trainer and fitness model, Scott Herman. After realizing his need to raise capital in the later part of the 15th year of his life for use on college and other future expenditures, Alex sought out another opportunity which would help him gain more experience. After searching, Alex became the sole internet marketing coordinator for a private jet management and executive charter flight firm, which introduced him to some of the most luxurious planes and lavish individuals in the nation. During this time period of working as a 16 year-old in a workplace of middle-aged individuals, Alex continued gaining knowledge in public relations, branding, business management, and marketing (especially internet marketing). After managing Brand Strategix for about 6 months and growing it to a near million dollar business, Alex put his knowledge to work by starting Brand Strategix, a national internet marketing firm based out of Grand Rapids, MI.

After just months of owning and managing Brand Strategix, Alex began to realize just how much time was being taken out of his life because of the demanding nature of businesses which feature that client-service provider relationship, causing him to take control of his life by starting an internet marketing business. With this business, Alex now has been able to take control of his life by now having a business that is on virtually complete autopilot, making him money in his sleep (and even while in school) through means of attraction marketing and using the power of the internet, and also being able to take flash-vacations and work on his own time (as much as he wants, where he wants). Alex is hoping to hit the 7-figure income mark by the end of 2013. With this business, Alex has been featured in many publications and other means of media including the Reuters board in New York's Times Square.

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