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Have you ever wondered what your life purpose might be? Before you pay a psychic or spiritual counselor for another hour of time, I advise you to look inward. Emotions play a critical role in helping your soul navigate the big life lessons that bring true purpose to your unique mission as a human being.

Many of the blocks you have experienced can be traced to emotions stuffed away for weeks, months and even years. You can’t heal what you don’t recognize or accept. Stress only compounds as emotions are ignored. Having intense emotions does not mean that you are sick, mentally ill or depressed. Emotions mean you are human!

Everyone can honor their emotions as part of a balanced self-awareness plan. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an incredible tool that helps you deal with emotions as they come up with a new sense of confidence. It’s been called acupuncture for emotions, without needles and provides a natural, drug free way to balance the body’s energy system.

It is time to realize that each moment of extreme emotional intensity, whether it is a high blissful state or one of agony, teaches you about who you are, what you value and what kind of path you are on.

Consider beginning a daily process to document your emotional peaks and valleys:

List 3-5 of your peak “Intensity Moments” and identify the emotion you felt. Rate the intensity on a scale of 0-10. Intensity moments can be scenes of pure joy, gratitude, fear, worry, rage or anger just to name a few. They are the highest peaks and the lowest valleys. Some days you will have more of one extreme than another. Pay attention to the most intense things, be honest about what you feel, give them a name and a number rating.

Comment about how you dealt with your feelings. If you used a healing technique to process a painful or unpleasant emotion, note what you did and how you felt after self-care. If you medicated your emotion with food, alcohol, cigarettes or shopping, you might also want to admit this in your journal. Also jot down a note if you celebrated an emotional high through expressing gratitude or by sharing your joy with someone else.

Consider what this emotional intensity is telling you about who you are. When your core values are disrupted or challenged, you will be agitated. When your values are served, you will feel calm and wonderful. Allow these intense feelings to reveal your mission, purpose and inner longings. As you use emotions to know yourself better, you will recognize how your unique nature serves the world around you. It may take a few weeks to begin getting a sense of this, so instead of hurrying the process, simply witness and reflect on it.

You are here to be uniquely you, emotions and all. Pay attention and you will awaken a new way of understanding your deepest truth.

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Betsy Muller is a coach, speaker, and author who has assisted thousands of people in discovering their full potential through conscious self-care. In addition to an MBA and over 30 years of business management experience, Betsy is a noted authority and popular radio and TV guest on work/life balance and using energy self-care as a vehicle for personal success. Betsy is one of only nine Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioners certified by The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She is the author of four books, including Energy Makeover – A Conscious Way to Stay Young, Have Fun and Get More Done and Winning at Waist Management.

Betsy received her MBA for Baldwin Wallace College and her BA in Chemistry from The College of Wooster. She lives in Strongsville, Ohio with her husband George, golden retriever Gracie and fluffy cat Sig. Now that her two adult children have left the nest, Betsy has time to be a nature, travel and fitness enthusiast. 

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