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As I sit reminiscing over my life and the profound words of wisdom I would like to share with all of humanity, they would be the pearls of wisdom that I govern my life by.

Live purposefully: Are you living your purpose? Are you living your making or simply making a living? If you are not passionately pursuing your purpose then you are not living at all, you’re only existing.

Give gratefully: There is enough to go around. The only walls of lack and limitation are the ones that we build ourselves. The universe is abundant and honors a cheerful giver. Give what you have to those in need knowing that all that you stand in the need of will come to you ten- fold.

Love unconditionally: Learn to live and let live by accepting people as they are and not who we want them to be. We are all here in this journey called life, learning our lessons as best we can.

Think abundantly: As a man thinketh, so is he! You can have, be or do all that you desire to have, be or do. Stop playing small and settling for “good enough” you deserve the best of the best and there is no dream too big or too complicated that you can not achieve. So live it up and super size those dreams.

Pray consistently.

Speak powerfully: Words are like a double edged sword they can build as well as destroy. Choose your words wisely. Speak life and encourage yourself with the same tenacity that you encourage and inspire others.

Serve willingly: Muhammed Ali once said, “Service to others is the rent we pay for our room in Heaven….” What gifts and talents are you withholding until you get a raise, the kids graduate or your spouse gets the promotion? The world is waiting on you.

Dream vividly: Visualize your dreams live and in living color. The more vibrant and real the dream the quicker the manifestation. Get clear about what it is you want and see yourself as having it, exactly the way you desire.

Praise continuously: Affirm your victory!

Prepare faithfully: Success waits on no one. Either you make it happen or stand by and watch it happen for others.

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Cherilyn is a spellbinding professional speaker, who is captivating and in-powering people throughout the country. Her analytical ability to substantively address issues, including personal development, one on one relationships, effective communication, leadership, as well as women and youth topics concerning sexual abuse and domestic violence, has motivated and in-powered numerous audiences to make positive and effective change in their lives.

Cherilyn has an unrelenting passion for life and her mission is to assist others in transforming their lives, and has been the speaker of choice for foundations, school districts, faith based institutions as well as civic and community organizations.

Cherilyn is the author of Weekly Wisdom: 52 Ways to Live a More Fulfilled Life and co-author of Unleash the Passion for Your Purpose. Cherilyn also has a free weekly newsletter entitled "Cherilyn's Corner!".

Cherilyn Vonn, a certified transformation coach, is the CEO of Unveiling the Mask Enterprises, LLC, which creates and promotes living an authentic and balanced life by giving individuals the tools, resources and assistance needed in living their level best.

After a corporate layoff, Cherilyn started putting faith in motion by living her life to the fullest and on her own terms, armed with nothing more than a pen in hand and a will to succeed. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she is generating an expansive national following and has been featured on the cover of Divine Eloquence, magazine and was featured in the People on the Move section in the St. Louis American newspaper, as well as having appeared on numerous radio stations across the country. In July, 2007 she launched her syndicated radio show "Unveiling the Mask" to a listening audience of 1,000,000. 

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  1. this was the perfect “checklist” and what a beautiful way of writing. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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