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What if you knew you could change anything in your life? And if you knew that change could come easily, would your life look different than it does now?

So many of us go around believing that we are “stuck” with the lives we have, not realizing that there is a completely different possibility available—yes, even for YOU.

You really can change almost anything. I’m living proof.

12 years ago, I was going to kill myself—literally—because I was tired of struggling and suffering. And I changed it.

Now, I travel the world sharing with people tools that will allow them to create change and different possibilities in their lives.

What is it you’d like to change? And what would you change if you knew anything were possible?

There are a few tools that you need in order to change things. First, you have to take a moment (literally 5 seconds) and acknowledge that change is actually possible. Shew! That was easy, right?

The next step in changing anything is to ask a question. A question always empowers. An answer always disempowers. When you create an answer or conclusion about anything, what you’ve decided or concluded is all that can show up. A question is ALWAYS the start of creating different possibilities.

So, a great question to start with is: “What would it take to change this?” And with you asking this question, you put the universe to work on your behalf, working with you to change it.

Yippee! You are no longer alone.

You have the biggest, baddest, largest ally you could have on your side helping you, all from asking a question. You can call it God, Universe, Source, or whatever works for you. The important part is, ASK!

Until you ask, you can’t receive (anything different than what you have now, that is).

So, what are some great questions you can ask to get you started? You could start your day with something like:

“Who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?”

“What would I choose if I knew I couldn’t fail?”

“What contribution can I be to my life and the world today?”

“What would it look like if, just for today, I chose to be greater than I was yesterday?”

“What would it take for this to work out far greater than I can imagine?”

“How much fun can I have doing this?”

“What’s right about this that I’m not getting?” What if there were something right about everything you’ve ever chosen? Asking this question allows you to see what’s right even about those things you’ve decided are wrong. Great tool.

“How does it get any better than this?” Ask it when something “good” happens, or when something “bad” happens.

These are just some questions to get you started. The fun part is, in this infinite Universe, I’m sure you can come up with thousands more.

And the last element is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You can do this by asking this question, “What can I be grateful for today?”

What if you started your day asking as many questions as you could come up with to create the life you desired just for that day? What contribution could you then be to your life and the world?

Happy questioning, and happy creating!

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Some say, "That which doesn't kill us makes stronger." Dr. Dain Heer can certainly relate to that. Sharing glimpses of his past, Dr. Dain relates to them on a personal level. Even the mention of his abuse or prior thoughts of suicide seem like a misplaced footnote in a life that has managed to look golden.

For the record, Dr. Dain Heer did not lead a charmed life; however with effort and perseverance he managed to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. At the beginning of his chosen career, he had followed many spiritual paths, written a book, was engaged to a beautiful woman, and yet he felt empty and desperate inside. At a time when things looked pretty rosy on the outside but really ugly on the inside, Dain knew there had to be more, and if there wasn't, well... As he tells it:

"It was in the middle of one of those really bad days that I saw an ad that changed my life. It read: ACCESS All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. That was it. I called and made an appointment... Call it Divine Inspiration, call it insanity, call it grasping for a lifeboat just before the Titanic that was my life made its final shuddering plunge into the abyss, but that phone call quite literally gave me access to my life, and I have not been able to squeeze myself into the box that used to be my life ever again. I am very grateful."

Once Dr. Dain discovered Access Consciousness he knew that he had found what he always knew was possible, and he began applying the tools fervently, determined to change every aspect of his life.

Dr. Dain is grateful to now travel the world, sharing these easy, life-transforming tools with others.

For more information, please visit

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