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Life is a miracle to be lived and never a problem to be solved! Consider each day to be a white canvas that you can fill with all your love, gratitude and skills to make the day a special, unique and abundant one.

As you are made in God’s image you are wonderful just the way you are and isn’t it the most amazing fountain of pleasure and happiness that God is closer to you than your skin? God permeates you completely and in my experience there are only a few really important things in life.

Feel excellent for no specific reason and be utterly comfortable in each present moment. This way you become a shining vessel of your own divine sparks, turning into a flame of love that ignites love in others wherever you go.

When we look at mankind as if it were a giant sanctuary to rejoice the “All there Is”, you unfold your divine purpose here on earth to be exactly the stone that makes the sanctuary whole and complete. No is no need to strive for being a corner stone because you are amazing the way you are.

You easily can allow these divine energies to play yourself like an instrument, where it’s not your choice whether to be a piano or a violin, but the choice of GOD because you are a perfectly sounding note in his celestial symphony.

Breathing out resistance and breathing in allowance can become a process of unconscious competence lifting you up day by day. This might smoothly lead to the knowledge that your brain can achieve happiness by performing specific exercises.

Happiness, abundance and the best life on earth- far beyond your wildest imagination- unfold out of BEING instead of DOING something special.

The gates to let God be reborn in your soul are always open. You prepare your inner temple best by performing each action, as if the destiny of the universe depends on how much love you put into each action.

Whether you tie your shoes, do the dishes or eat – no matter what it is, let your purest love flow into your words, thoughts and actions. This way the brain will understand that you can harvest uncountable benefits and moments of pure joy each day, utilizing the minutes, hours and the rest of your long, healthy and happy life, as a never ending celebration.

Celebrate, not because you are never alone and divine guidance is always within you nourishing your existence, but because you transformed into a sun that shines out of itself as unconditional love.

It is easy to feel this transformation begin now as you read this. You also can adopt the attitude that life is a miracle to be lived and never a problem to be solved- and do it with a smile on your face.

God bless!

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David John began with studies of natural healing, naturopathy, homeopathie and other fields of expertise like acupuncture. He is an expert in different groups of flower essences like Bach flower remedies, Australian Bush Flowers, Californian Essences and more. After his education in natural medicine he studied "conventional medicine" for about 4 years.

David John met his spiritual teacher and guide at an age of 16 opening a path for him to employ his divine light through his thoughts, words and actions. He once said: "I will always consider myself as an eternal beginner living my life's purpose by being a vessel for this divine energies."

In 1994 David John was certified as an NLP Trainer and Trainer master by Dr. Richard Bandler. He received certification and intense training in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Persuasion Engeneering and DHE, Healing with metaphors and inspirational stories.

David John has wide experience in coaching (one on one, groups and business leadership management) and from 1993 -1998 he owned a therapy and seminar center training psychologists and other people of many different professions in communication, creative problem solving, life design and goal achievement.

David John's specialties are Personal Coaching and Training, assisting single persons or groups in turning visions into actions, and helping individuals to live their most desired abundant life. He is an expert in teaching master mindsets of genius and billionaire. 

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