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No matter what the weather is, you can create your own personalized forecast each morning, by deciding whether your outlook for the day will be gloomy or sunny.

Situations in your life that are discouraging or hard to handle will be much easier when you have a positive outlook that you will always be okay inside no matter what the specific outcomes are. Do your best and let go of the rest. You will be able to achieve a center core of serenity that is unshakable. Solutions will come to you when you open your heart and mind to the limitless possibilities that life offers.

On the other hand, when your focus is narrowed on the negative details, you will only perceive lack and hardship. When you anticipate cold and gray, that is what you will see. If you get up in the morning grumbling about all the stupid things you must do, complaining about the bills or your job, griping that all you have is bad luck, then all you will notice is the harsh winter of sleet and cold. Warm and exciting opportunities will pass by unheeded, because you wear blinders.

If you deliberately choose an attitude that is positive, then you can counteract the negative and fill that discontented void inside with a sense of purpose.

At first, it might seem uncomfortable or strange to stop your thoughts from being negative. It’s probably so automatic that a steady stream of misery, worries and complaints runs across your mind like a news banner at the bottom of the TV screen.

Think of training a dog or a child to have good manners. Be firm, but don’t get hysterical. Observe the behavior, then leap in to correct it. Saying the words “;Stop it!”; out loud to yourself in a stern tone is an effective way to halt those negative thoughts.

Throughout the day, observe your thoughts, and maintain an optimistic emotional temperature. Adjust the thermostat as needed: pause and say a favorite proverb or prayer to help you get centered again so you can lead a life of service to others instead of one that is all about your own problems.

A fulfilling, satisfying and rich life is one where you meet your challenges and keep going. Hiding under the covers in a panic might seem an easy way out of hard times, but you won’t stretch and grow spiritually.

By the end of the day, if you could chart your new attitude, you’d see a series of zigzags. At times, you might see huge shifts as you caught yourself being very negative about your life and then pushed hard to reverse your thinking.

One of the best and simplest improvements you can make right now is to cultivate a positive attitude. Try it out today – give yourself a sunny outlook and grab hold of the happiness habit!

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Evelyn Roberts Brooks is an author, speaker and life coach specializing in helping people to release emotional pain and lead happier lives. Her books include You Were Born to Triumph: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen, Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today, Get Happy Today: No More Excuses! and many more. Her novel The Dream Spinners presents Law of Attraction principles woven into the story about a woman whose big dream is derailed when her son dies, but he sends messages from the afterlife in her dreams and helps her get back on track with her life.


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