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There are countless individuals all over the world who dread getting older. They may even fear that it will ruin their lives. Goodness knows, that’s how I felt for years!

As soon as I realized that transforming this negative mindset was the only way to insure life-long youthfullness, I got to work! No way, did I want my fears to determine my destiny.

Attitude is a very powerful force in controlling our lives. We know how important it is to maintain a positive attitude in all areas of life. Who hasn’t experienced discouragement and depression when faced with daunting challenges? With aging, it’s even more crucial.

So much in society works against creating and maintaining a positive attitude. Overcoming the discouraging messages that bombard us daily will have an amazing effect on your aging process. By countering this brainwashing, you become the victor over time, and not its victim.

Does this involve tremendous determination and courage? Yes, it does… but, I assure you, it’s worth it! The ongoing focus and spiritual power you develop as you work to transform aging from a downward spiral into a life-affirming adventure will strenghten your resolve. As an added bonus, the discouraging images from the media will cease to affect you.

So many of us are terrified that aging inevitably takes away the things we love. In my case, as a former dancer, I feared that I would be too exhausted and out of shape to enjoy dancing, or date, or even have sex. I wondered what would happen to my looks. Would I lose my muscle tone and become unappealing? Would I become discouraged and depressed?


These doubts haunted me day and night. Perhaps they haunt you as well.

But the good part of acknowledging our fears is that they can inspire us to comb through books, take classes, join a gym, go on a diet, order exercise equipment, hire a massage therapist… and engage in all sorts of new and wonderful ways to generate youth.

As you take aging into your own hands, you will experience renewed energy and optimism. I have done this for myself, and have guided other women to join me in aging with grace, beauty and sexuality. It may sound simplistic, however, I assure you that as soon as you stop fearing and hating aging, you will undergo a positive transformation that will shock you! The face you see in the mirror will glow with optimism and joy!

Don’t give up on your body and your spirit and they won’t give up on you!

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As Regis said... "There goes Hattie, an inspiration for all of America!"

For over 3 decades, Hattie has been sharing her anti-aging secrets to women and men of all ages both in America and internationally. A fit, vibrant senior, she teaches audiences that anyone can overcome the downsides of aging and experience becoming older as a life-affirming adventure.

Hattie began her dance and exercise career as an Adjunct Professor at Pembroke/Brown University. Following that, for 25 years, she taught dance and exercise at her Manhattan-based School for Creative Movement before becoming a Movement Therapist. She is a frequent traveler to the Caribbean islands of Tortola, Anguilla and Trinidad, where she created government-sponsored holistic health projects.

Former dancer, beauty queen and model, her unique take on Anti-Aging has inspired men and women to develop self-esteem, vitality and sexuality. She co-wrote two books with best-selling author Sallie Batson, RetroAge: 4 Steps To a Younger YOU! and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Looking & Feeling Younger.

As Hattie shares her life-transforming insights with grace and gratitude, individuals of all ages are blessed with renewed optimism and joy.

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