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Question the status quo and ask more questions, dig deeper and fight harder, to inspire more, to laugh louder and to smile bigger and brighter than ever. Live into your premise, find your purpose and begin to rejoice.

Don’t accept being ordinary, set goals, visualize happiness and become extraordinary. Look at every problem in your life and see it as an opportunity to grow and develop. Believe that everything in life happens for a reason and focus on shifting your mindset and investing in your business and your family but most importantly, invest in yourself.

It is critical to know in your heart that for every challenge you face, every pain you feel it is only making you a stronger and better person. Take from it the learning and continue to grow and rise above.

There is amazing inspiration in all of us, which sometimes takes great adversity, heart ache and challenges for it to be revealed. But when it is revealed it is so powerful and will change lives forever.

Inspiration fills our heart with determination and passion, which allows us to find our purpose. It ignites the flame from within to achieve greatness in our life.

Each day when you go out into this amazing world, spread the gift, the joy and the power of a smile. Give it to as many people as you can, to infect homes, businesses and communities with a great gift- the biggest and brightest smile you have to offer..

Today, you can change the world and make it not good but great for your children and your children’s children.

From tomorrow on, wake up every day and share a smile with someone you know and someone you don’t know, someone you love and even someone you don’t love. It is something so simple that can change people each day. It will change someone’s day, week, year or it could even change someone’s life.

Every moment in time is an opportunity for every single living creature to reach his or her full potential. Every moment is one that you will never get back. Each day you waste feeling sorry for yourself is one less day you have to make a real difference, for yourself and for others.

Success, to me, is about waking up each and every day and knowing in your heart that today you will make a difference in someone else’s life. By living this way, we can all make the world a better place.

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Michael Crossland is an extraordinary young man who has defied the odds of a life-threatening cancer to build a life of exceptional achievements. An accomplished businessman and an elite sportsman, his life is a remarkable success.

Diagnosed with aggressive life-threatening cancer before his first birthday, doctors told him school and sports were not options. Infection and fatigue were too great a risk. His only wish was to lead a normal life and be able to do all the things that other 'normal' kids took for granted every day.

Now, an accomplished businessman, Australian of the Year finalist, Australia Day Ambassador and international hall of fame inductee, Michael inspires many people from all walks of life with his story and inspiration of believing in yourself and achieving the impossible dream.

Michael has an absolute passion and belief in people's ability to change direction and become who they truly want to be and achieve success.

A regular guest speaker for corporations, schools and universities throughout the world, Michael captures audiences no matter what size, and inspires each individual to achieve ongoing positive change in their life. 

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  1. Waw this is great Michael Crossland. Am really bless by your inspirational message, and your personal story. God bless you, and more grace for more inspirations. But one question sir. Please i want to know how you overcome the cancer stuff. Thank you.

  2. Michael – well states. I agree that making a difference in your life and enhancing the good in and for others is the foundation for success.

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