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Each and every one of us is put here to do something spectacular, something that will better this earth.

Your personality, your character traits, everything in your DNA was given to you as a gift. A gift that will propel you to new heights to achieve exactly what you came here to do. Trusting in your gifts and aligning yourself with integrity are two very important things to remember.

When you come to your last day and take your very last breath, you cannot take money or fame with you. Those things are not reality and they do not serve the greater good. They will be left behind. What you will take is the imprint of your lifetime. This is the most important badge of honor you will ever receive because it tells the tale of the life that you lived. Make sure it is a badge you will want to wear with pride.

In every lifetime we must face adversity. In that adversity is the time to sharpen your gifts and use them to achieve your goals no matter what the challenge is. You have every single thing that you need inside of you to overcome fear and you are going to have to dig deep. Think back to that time when you were little and you thought you could fly. In your head you could and the how did not exist.

You will need to go back to that time often during the course of your life because without the ability to lose the how your sense of direction will be lost. You will always find it again because it is right there inside of you.

Think about what fuels that fire in your belly. If you pinpoint what it is, it will have to do with something that will create change for the greater good. We as a society are meant to progress and your gifts honor that. Do not think about the how, or feed into other’s fear based opinions. You must trust that you have everything you need to make that dream happen. You are eternally cared for and once aligned with your purpose there will be plenty of help along the way.

Anyone who ever created change was aligned with this knowledge. They tapped into their unique gifts, held on to integrity and knew that they came here to do something good. They were fearless in times of fear, they always trusted in themselves and they dreamed big.

Never lose sight of how important that you are, regardless of your education or society based designation. Do not feed into the belief that you are any less capable than anyone else to achieve big things. You came here with a purpose, a big one, and you have all of the tools you need right there inside of you.

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I am the author of My Soul's Role, a speaker, a chemical reduction educator and most importantly a proud mama bear. I love children. I have a fire burning inside me to protect them. Children if kept pristine will continue the circle of life with little or no interruption. I believe children are meant to be bigger than us, they are meant to do better things, they are meant to pave the path toward perfection and deserve every opportunity to do that.

I never fully understood why I was so passionate about children's wellbeing until now. I always loved children, and couldn't wait to become a mother to someone. That reality presented itself in such a chaotic way that it revealed my why. I have had trouble with miscarriages, and pregnancies. My heart hurt so bad going through those experiences that I didn't know how I was going to make it. When I finally held my oldest daughter in my arms, she was sick. Not dying, but sick. Not only was she premature but she was allergic to everything it seemed. When my youngest daughter presented the same food and environmental sensitivities I was at the end of my rope. I had no idea how to cook and care for sick kids, and have spent the last 10 years learning on the job walking the walk. After having lived it, I can confidently say that an overload of chemicals in our environment is to blame. As a forever optimist I know that with awareness and small food and product changes we can take back the health of our children and the generations to come. 

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  1. Dear Penny,
    this is inspiring and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today by reminding us that brilliance and deep purpose is found in all of us. Thank you for your gift.

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