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You are good enough – right now.

You are good enough to make a profound and positive difference in the world.

You are good enough to love and be loved, to pursue your dreams, to achieve success, and live in peace and abundance and joy – right now.

You don’t have to be anything different. You don’t have to go back to school, or meditate in Tibet, or lose 35 pounds. Nothing has to be perfect, or just right, or different then it is for you to know that right now, right in this moment, you are good enough to do be the authentic person you so want to be; to live the life you so want to live.

You simply need to reconnect with your core energy, your spirit, that spot where your compassion and love and passions and purpose and creativity flows. Then work from that place.

Stop denying, hiding, blaming, criticizing all your flaws and imperfections. Instead, shift your focus to all that is good. Put your energy into living your best life. Commit to nurturing your talents, skills, and abilities; to living a whole life.

We are flawed, for sure, all of us. We are going to screw it up, this life thing. One way or another we are going to make mistakes. And there will be days when our lives feel maddening and painful and scary and uncertain.

But, if you decide right now, that you can handle it, if you choose to believe that you can cope with whatever comes, then you are free to move through any life circumstance with a certain ease, a certain grace. And, when you can do that, you find meaning in the madness and transcend the trouble.

Do this by turning inward instead of outward. Stop looking for external rewards of money and status and fancy cars and fancy houses. Stop relying on things to give you confidence. Instead, discover the vast reservoir you have within. You are flawed and imperfect and compassionate, loving, talented, and special. You are all of that.

When we embrace all that we are we are free to create our experience rather than complain about it. There is power in this, because as creators, we are aligned with our essence and able to live from our highest self — the seat of love, compassion, acceptance.

From this place it all works. It’s all good enough. From here, you can recognize that even the hardship and struggle is providing you the insight you need to make the next moment better, then the next. This awareness allows you to step fully into your life, to follow your dreams, and to deliberately make each moment matter.

I know you can do it, because I know who you are at your essence, who we all are: Enough. You are enough to live the life you desire.

Now, get after it.

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Polly Campbell is a sought after motivational speaker and workshop leader and the author of two books, Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People, (Viva Editions) and How to Reach Enlightenment, (Hodder).

She is a blogger at, and with the Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. Her magazine articles on personal development topics and spiritual practices appear regularly online and in national publications. She is also a teacher with The DailyOm, and the Growing Edge Institute.

Campbell regularly practices the things she writes and talks about. She lives in Oregon with her husband and daughter.

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