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The word itself sounds, for a lack of a better word, inspirational, doesn’t it? (As Gordon Gekko, a character played by Michael Douglas, in Wall Street, would say if he were writing this piece.) It has this aura about itself; this uplifting feeling to it!

You may or may not have heard the meaning and source of this wonderful word – In-Spirit. Meaning, one becomes connected to their spiritual source; i.e., one is “in” spirit.

However, I would say that it is actually us getting to a place of knowing that we are already connected to, and part and parcel of, the Primary Spirit, Divine Energy, Universal Mind, Supreme Consciousness or the Entity, Being, or Force commonly known as God. (One can give it any name at all; a Rose by any other name would not smell less sweet – as Shakespeare has said so poignantly.)

What I have learned is that when one is inspired, one does not need to be motivated from the outside! One is self-motivated by the energy of that spirit within oneself! (When one is aware of it, consciously.)

Now, even Science – modern, empirical Science – is saying that everything in the Universe is, at its very core, energy. And when you come to know yourselves as that energy inherent in yourself and everything else – this spirit; i.e., when you are truly inspired, you realize one thing:

You are God. Not god-like, or even “a” god; you are the God! Because there is only one God. And we are all part of that one God; therefore, we are that God. Energetically, everyone and everything in existence is God, as even science agrees! It’s just that everyone and everything is in different states of consciousness, and therefore in different states of awareness and recognition of this fact.

You will start coming to a realization that this is absolutely true when you start applying the principles of practical spirituality. Then you will start living your life the way you want to. You will start living it the way God would want you to because by your living the life of your dreams, God is doing the same thing. In other words, what God wants for you, and what you want for yourself is the same.

God lives vicariously through us, because that is the only way God can experience life. So, go out into the world, and do what you were meant to do – live the life of your dreams – and achieve perpetual bliss.

God is always with and within you, and so you are never without God. So, go ahead, and embrace this spirit within you! Become one with it!

Become Inspired because you already have all that you need to become so!

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Hi, My name is Prasann Thakrar. I am an author, coach and an expert in the new field of bridging science and spirituality to create self-empowerment and life-transformation.

In other words, I teach and write about these very easy-to-use scientific and spiritual principles that ANYONE can apply to create and lead the life of their dreams - in ALL areas of life.

The way I do this is unique, if I may say so without sounding boastful, because I use all kinds of pop-culture references; namely, movies and movie quotes, songs, TV shows, commercials, bumper stickers, church signs, popular books, my personal experiences, and just about anything and everything else to get the message across in a fun, humorous and effective way.

My latest book is entitled God=mc2? Getting Spirituality Down to a Science! (So that you can create the life of your dreams by tapping the power of Divine Energy!)

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