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If you have been feeling lost in life and have found yourself wrestling with the age old question that many encounter – what do I really want to do with my life? I would first congratulate you and then ask you to consider yourself lucky for you are at a precipice of change.

Having been there personally, I know firsthand how uncomfortable things can be but I also know that if you look hard enough, this can be something that can change your life forever by helping you unlock the secret to creating a happier, rewarding and a purposeful life.

Give yourself the permission to be happy. Everyone wants to be happy yet people hold themselves back from creating true happiness in all sorts of ways. Indulging in negativity, living in constant fear and anxiety, and feeling powerless are some of the common ways how people stay unhappy.

Happiness is a choice; therefore invest your energy in everything that helps you be happy, not sabotage it.

Know You on a deep level. Your answers exist and they are buried deep within you. The problem is you have never looked deep enough. Unfortunately most of us have rarely been encouraged to look for answers within. If you are looking to create a rewarding existence including the work you love, spend some time with yourself. Take advantage of the help of outside tools that are available to help you along your journey but cultivate the habit of connecting with yourself.

Have faith. Life isn’t always perfect; it has a way of throwing curve balls our way. Of course we can’t avoid them or control each and everything that happens to us, but what we can control is how we react and respond to events. Never waver or doubt your Self and the universe, even in times of crisis. Instead ask – What am I supposed to take from this? – and move forward.

Stay open and think progress. How do you think on a daily basis? Do you focus more on problems and limitations rather than on solutions and possibilities? Do you take the time to think about what you want your life to look like or do you tend to get bogged down by daily stresses? In order to create the work and life you love, disconnect from stresses and cultivate the habit of thinking in a focused, creative, big-picture kind of way.

Find your unique voice. I believe our birth is not a random event, that we are all here for a reason and in order for us to fulfill what we’ve come here to do, we are equipped with gifts in the form of talents, intelligence, capabilities and strengths. These mostly sit latent and undeveloped because we make our work and life choices by trying to fit in and not by basing them on who we are and what we are uniquely positioned for.

If you are looking to create a truly meaningful existence, you must take the time to find out what fuels your passion, what your soul’s code or life’s calling is and then pursue the same. Know that each time you feel discontent that is life nudging you to find your unique voice.

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Ruchira is a marketing and a management professional with a passion to empower lives through her work.

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  1. Ruchira – well stated. Your main points all intertwine when you are on your personal journey to understand more deeply who you are, what you want, what you can offer, believing in yourself, and appreciating those ‘things’ and people who add to happiness levels.

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