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Surprise!!! Let’s pretend that you just walked into a surprise party – for you. Look around. Who is in the room? Most likely all of the people who are closest to you. Your immediate family. Maybe your parents. A few of your neighbors. A couple of co-workers? Some friends from previous jobs or neighborhoods? Your boss? Maybe people from when you were growing up or people you went to school with? A microcosm of your life is in that room.

Now pretend I walked in behind you, asked everyone to be quiet and posed this question: “WHAT SHOULD _________ (insert your name) BE DOING THAT HE / SHE IS NOT ALREADY DOING?”

They would all have an answer, and a lot of the answers would be the same. Some may be really heavy. Some may be funny. Some may be superficial.

• The heavy ones may be about what they believe is the purpose of your life.
• The funny ones may be about some passion of yours that you can never stop talking about.
• The superficial ones may be about projects they know you’ve been putting off.

Regardless, all of the answers are important and they are all worthy of your attention because somewhere in those answers is what I call your ‘IT’ — your thing that you should be doing to serve your God, your family, your community, your world.

James Albery said, “He slept beneath the moon; He basked beneath the sun; He lived a life of going-to-do; And died with nothing done.”

That quote hit me right between the eyes and inspired me to write Holy IT! during one of the busiest times in my career. I learned that it is possible to do that thing you are called to do without dropping everything and putting your family and finances at risk. My hope is that these three keys from the book will help you to identify, and start acting on, your IT:

1) GET QUIET. Truly take the time to stop and think about what it is that you are pulled to do and how you might start to execute on it.

2) Understand that objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. Think about creative ways to start acting on your IT without completely bailing on what you’re doing right now. You can write a book while you have a job. You can do photo shoots for people on the weekend. You can propose a slight tweak to your job description rather than starting your own company.

3) Involve others. Somehow, someway, get the help of others; whether it is through the groups that I’ve created or some other support network that you already have. Trust me, once you make yourself just a little vulnerable by sharing IT with other people, everything changes and you’re moving on IT before you know it.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is later. NOW rocks! Do IT now!

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Scott Wittig is a 15 year veteran of the mortgage industry who had an itch to do something bigger. After going through a journey that included a lot of reading, coaching and growing, he identified his purpose in life, which he has boiled down to three words –


In order to fulfill on that purpose, Scott managed to carve out time during the best and worst two years that the mortgage industry has seen to write his first book entitled – Holy IT! A Guide to Finding and Doing Your Thing – Your ‘IT’ which he likes to say is “a little book from a little guy with a big idea.” The premise of the book builds on his personal experience that it is possible to serve your purpose or pursue your passion without quitting your job and that the answer to how to do this may be right under your nose.

Scott has also created, tested and developed do IT groups™ which are mastermind groups built on various aspects of coaching and group interaction. These groups have proven to fill a void that exists in the life of many small business owners and individuals who are seeking an environment of input and accountability to get help with their purpose, passion or project that they have been putting off.

His idea is simple: read book, identify your ‘IT’ and join a do IT group™ to make ‘IT’ happen.

Scott and his wife Jeanne live in Apex, North Carolina where they are raising their two children, Ella and Kyle.

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