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I am Adarsha Shivakumar, a 15 year old guy. I am a sophomore at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA. I live in Pleasant Hill, CA, with my parents and sister. I am an environmental enthusiast who is the founder and executive director of Project Jatropha, an international collaboration designed to help alleviate rural poverty and stop environmental destruction in rural south India. I love reading, as well as watching various kaiju (Japanese for “giant monster”) movies. I like swimming; my hero, Coach Doug, taught me how to swim even after many failures. I’m an intense, enthusiastic, determined, and hyperactive individual with a mind that puts the Flash to shame when racing. I’m a fan of a diverse series of shows, ranging from Family Guy, to Mythbusters, to Man vs. Wild, to Spongebob, to Futurama, to Robot Chicken. I thoroughly enjoy science fiction and fantasy books, such as the Bartimaeus Trilogy and the Space Odyssey series, and aspire to become a great scientist and world dictator one day. I like to seize the day, and I’m known for a voice that is unrivaled in volume and ability to traverse long distances through any barriers. I’m a cynical viewer of humanity who wants to improve our society as a whole by starting with those on the lowest rungs of society.

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