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Ellen Weber, PhD founded and directs the Mita International Brain Center for leadership renewal. She is adjunct professor at Bittner School of Business, where she designed and teaches a brainpowered management course, Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind. She writes and speaks widely on cognitive responses to leading innovation for diverse results, with the brain in mind.

In addition to neuro research, Weber bases brainpowered practices on cultural proclivities. A lifetime of working with, and learning from, leaders in the High Arctic, Mexico, Europe, South America, China, Canada, Ireland and the United States, she lived and led renewal in uniquely talented communities and collaborates internationally with culturally diverse leaders.

Weber's Mita leadership approach is often applied and led collaboratively with Mita's senior VP Dr. Robyn McMaster. Collaborative and individual leadership ventures to resolve workplace problems, using brainpowered tools, won awards in Ireland, China, Chile, US among business and university leaders.

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