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Dr. Gaby Cora works with people and companies that want to be healthy while they become wealthy. Dr. Cora is a wellness coach, working with corporate warriors and entrepreneurs, and a corporate consultant assisting organizations in the full range of critical situations to wellness in the workplace. A renaissance woman, she is a medical doctor with a master's in business administration, keynote speaker, spouse and mother of two young adults. In her early forties, she has two decades of experience. She consults and has given presentations for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and international organizations in the United States and internationally. Dr. Cora sits on the Board of Directors of the American Psychiatric Foundation and she's a member of the Women Presidents' Organization. She has been interviewed by CNN, FOX, New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week. She is president and founder of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute and managing partner of the Florida Neuroscience Center.

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