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Julie Dittmar, together with spiritual teacher and intuitive healer Matt Kahn, invite seekers of all faiths, to discover their true divine nature. They travel the world, offering sacred heart wisdom that invites human consciousness into the joy of liberated existence. Their offerings span the breadth and depth of all aspects of the human journey, helping you to fully open up to enjoying life as a cosmic playground.

Julie Dittmar is one of the top-selling meditation guides in the U.S. Her relaxation CDs have been featured on PBS, and are enjoyed around the world.

And, as a certified viniyoga teacher and sound healer, she specializes in support for awakening to one's true nature, and opening the heart to discover a love that has no end. Her offerings help to ground the energies and messages Matt provides at their live events in the body and everyday life. The experience is often described as stress-relief, and gentle, peaceful, restorative relaxation that unwinds the overstimulated nervous system and balances the hemispheres of the brain.

Julie supports awakening and ascension symptoms through the breath (pranayama), healing mantras, sacred chanting, kirtan (call and response chanting), drum and harmonium, Tibetan bowls and bells, didgeridoo, with many laughs along the way. Her playful, joyful approach inspires living more fully in the experience of the body in a more expressive, open, free, and loving way.

Julie and Matt are honored to serve the awakening of humanity through their group healing events and retreats worldwide.

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