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Mary Anne Radmacher believes it is true that "One person can make a difference." She fills her days with meaningful actions and events that make a difference in her immediate world. She hopes the results of those actions radiate outward – like circles around a stone thrown into water. Believing a single action would impact many – Mary Anne has undertaken a process called S.T.A.N.D. – Start Today A New Direction. When first founded it was to inspire fresh attitudes toward the menace of bullying. For a period of seven weeks Radmacher shaved her head and wrote resources for education and referral on the unacceptable practice of bullying. In her lifetime, Mary Anne used the confluence of her pen, brush,words and action to make a positive difference in the world.

Mary Anne Radmacher's work has found its way around the world in the form of posters, greeting cards, gift products, wall décor and books. She is quoted in the Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations and her work is prominent in homes to hospitals, and in places as diverse as prisons to pre-schools. Mary Anne is an authentic narrator of the ways she has discovered to navigate life's challenges and surprises. Her writing, her work and her daily life are all spoken and lived with the same voice. It is that voice she uses to call you toward a more joyful and inspired life...led your own unique way.

Radmacher's message is one of personal empowerment and discovery, validating that we hold much of the wisdom needed to creatively embrace the challenges of our lives. Her unconventional training style is apparent to her corporate clients whose views are often challenged. Her signature method, Focus Phrase™ has inspired hundreds toward a fulfilling personal writing practice and helped numbers toward their own dream of becoming published authors.

Her current activities, products, community service and activism can be followed at her author site, Ask for her books and products at your favorite retailer or find it online at appliedinsight.netAnd if her work inspires you, be sure to share it with a friend.

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