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Inspired Interview: Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW

Learn how to be true to yourself and let your life unfold in this interview with Nicole Sachs.

Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW

Nicole Sachs, LCSW began her career as a Psychotherapist at the age of 12, sitting amongst her middle-school colleagues and holding court as the “resident shrink.” That is to say, this work is in her blood. Her passionate desire to become a mother and create a large and joyous family was equally ingrained. Sachs holds fast to the conviction that living as a connected wife and present parent have contributed as much or more to her work than her many years of education.

The Meaning of Truth, Sachs’ first book, is the culmination of an infinite number of life stories which she has lived, heard and experienced. The result is a revolutionary theory of healing with limitless power to transform and lift any life it touches. Although Sachs loathes the label she haltingly admits, “The Meaning of Truth is a self-help book, as there are no other categories which seem to more readily fit. Yet, it’s incredibly different from any other self-help literature you’ve seen. It’s raw and compelling because it’s my humanity on the page and yours as well, if you’ll allow it. The life you save is your own.”

“I witness beautiful transformations in my office every day, and I know that they are are uncommon and remarkable.” Sachs admits. “When I was at my lowest I was desperate, as my life was wrought with unreal emotional and physical pain. Now I know that desperation leads to surrender. Within beautiful surrender, it’s possible to find one’s truth. This is where real and enduring change resides.”

Over time Sachs has cultivated and refined her theories, and grown to understand that they apply to EVERY KIND OF PAIN: physical and emotional. The Meaning of Truth is an actual guide to finding YOU. It takes bravery and trust, but within these transformative states Sachs believes that any pain can be healed.

Day to day, Sachs sustains a thriving private psychotherapy practice, and alongside her beautiful wife raises five of the most amazing infuriating brilliant children one could hope for. She divides her time rather evenly between work-time and mommy-time, stopping ever so briefly to struggle with 5th grade math and snuggle her very affectionate standard poodle, Blu. She is passionately dedicated to connecting with people, and plans to infuse the universe with her energy until she falls flat.

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