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Randy Paynter is the founder and CEO of Care2. With over 16 million members, is the largest online community of people making a difference in healthy & green living, human rights and animal welfare. Care2 empowers individuals to "Make a Difference" with daily actions, healthy living advice, news and blogs on causes, petitions and more. Care2 is a certified B Corporation. Randy holds an AB from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. 

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  1. Care2 SELLS your personal Information to companies for money…. Well they call it a “Fee”

    Of course they claim that they tell everyone on their Privacy and term pages. But word count makes this equal in length to having to read two chapters long of a novel.

    It’s a scam, they are in the petition business in it for one thing MONEY. Even the COO Linkedin page egotistically boasts “Care2 is rapidly growing and profitable, with over $10 million in revenue”

    Try starting one of their Petitions, if you reach your goal do you know what happens? NOTHING Care2 does nothing except let you print the page out that shows you have some names on it.

    No company will take you seriously because a piece of paper printed out and sent in by Joe P..

    They only thing Care2 is happy about is they received thousands of page views off the work of that poor slob who had the compassion to believe in something.

    I am sure Care2 is having a big laugh at the scam they are running.

    Read the story at

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