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Robert V. Thompson was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1973. For the past 28 years he has been the Senior minister at the Lake Street Church in Evanston, Illinois. In the early 1990’s, Bob began to explore the richness of other spiritual traditions, including indigenous and Eastern spiritualities, along with the Christian mystics, and since then, he and his church have become leaders in the evolution of an emerging form of Christianity. He is active in the sphere of social justice, and speaks out on a variety of issues including homelessness, politics, the Christian Right, advocacy and LGBT people. From 1999-2004 he was Chair of the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

He is the author of A Voluptuous God: A Christian Heretic Speaks (CopperHouse 2007), and a contributor to the book for preachers, Feasting On the Word (Westminster John Knox Press 2009). He is the Chicago Spirituality Examiner and writes weekly articles on spirituality related themes for the website.

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