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Our young people are the most important people on Earth. This is a belief that Shonika Proctor holds near and dear to her heart. Unfortunately, and all too often, she sees them not taken as seriously as they deserve.

That’s why she’s committed to using her life experiences to fulfill her life purpose: Supporting our youth as they begin their healing and uninhibited growth process. It’s what she was meant to do. And what she loves to do. As a strong and powerful voice for the “emerging voices” she works with, she ensures their basic needs are accounted for and that they are prepared to develop emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and mentally.

It’s her job. Her hobby. Her passion. And the young people she works with can tell just how much she cares: They cherish the time they spend with her — sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but always growing. As a teen entrepreneur coach, Shonika doesn’t teach her protégés the business of business — she teaches them the business of life. Along the way, many of them— reach heights that many adults only dream of.

Under her leadership, teens have written and published books, launched onto the speaking circuit, founded and hosted their own charity events and created their own line of branded curriculum and products.

Shonika is a speaker, advocate for youth and the author of Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets: The Essential Guide to Starting and Growing a Business, Double Click on This Preschooler and Computers, And Zen Again: 52 Thought Provoking Adult Affirmations in Rhyme, Chocolate Moose and the Teen C.E.O. Blueprint: 7 Steps to Identifying and Leveraging YOUR True Potential.

Shonika's latest project is to promote entrepreneurship as an 'extreme sport' while working closely with Chile's startups/tech community.

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